Laura Leboutillier Net Worth 2024 [Career, Husband, Age]

There is no doubt that Laura Leboutillier holds an impressive net worth due to her successful career as a YouTuber and Online Content Creator. Garden Answer is a YouTube channel and Facebook page owned by her, which focuses on creating educational gardening content and has been a popular YouTube channel and Facebook page for several years.

As a result of her extensive work, she has been able to earn a substantial amount of money, which has enabled her to achieve a significant net worth. The purpose of this article is to cover Laura Leboutillier’s net worth, career, husband, age, and height, as well as various other untold facts about Laura Leboutillier.

Laura LeBoutillier Net Worth:

Laura LeBoutillier is one of the most well-known figures on the internet today. The following is an explanation of how the projected $8 million Laura LeBoutillier net worth is determined using the net worth formula.

It has been five years since Laura and her filmmaker husband Aaron began producing Garden Answer guidance videos for gardeners. It is estimated that Laura LeBoutillier is followed by over 5 million people on social media, and that number appears to be growing rapidly each day.

During her work in the garden, you may assume that Laura is watching her films the majority of the time. It is likely that she does, by most standards. The fact that she participates in a variety of extracurricular activities may surprise you, however, as she has a variety of extracurricular activities, including music and sewing (during the colder months) as examples. In her opinion, Brahms is the best composer of all time.

Garden Answers’ Laura LeBoutillier’s Age

On April 20th, Laura will celebrate her birthday. In 1984, she was born on the 20th of April. At the time of writing, she will be 39 years old as of 2023.

Laura Leboutillier Net Worth

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Laura LeBoutillier’s Wiki & Family

It was in Ontario, Oregon, about 60 miles west of Boise, Idaho, in the United States, where Laura LeBoutiller was born under the name Laura Kurth. Her father, Mike Kurth, was a licensed contractor, and her mother was a registered nurse.

Mike was the floor sweeper at Andrew’s Seed Co. when she was a child. Throughout his working life, he has been mentored by both his boss and the owner of the company. As a result of his hard work, the company was later purchased by him.

Mike is no longer with us, but her mother is still alive and well. Her birthday was on the 30th of August 1962, so she is 60 years old now. The age of the woman is 61 as of the year 2023.

The family business expanded in 1990, and her mother, Susan, opened a garden centre in 1990 as part of the expansion. It was her parents who taught Laura how to garden. Her parents are also geeks, so it’s not surprising that she has a close relationship with them. Throughout the day, she and her family can talk about gardening as much as they want.

With her parents and husband, she travels to England to visit gardens. It is not uncommon for her to share pictures of her travels on her social media accounts.


Having grown up in a family with gardens and company, Laura grew up surrounded by her siblings and many family friends. I would describe her as a private person who doesn’t talk much about her personal life in public.

A brother and a sister are reportedly her siblings, which means that the actress is a sister as well. Besides their younger sister Monica Murach 36 years of age, Joseph Kurth, a brother of hers, is 41 years old.


After receiving her education from a local school, Laura went to England to study nursing at a university there. When she was studying in England, she lived there for a while before returning home to her native country. Throughout her entire high school career, she worked at the garden centre every day.

She is also interested in knitting (as in winter) as well as music, in addition to learning gardening. During her 17 years of studying piano, she learned to play the instrument at the age of four.

In addition to gardening and creating videos, she also takes some time to practice her piano skills to improve them, and she devotes most of her time to practising. A favourite and go-to composer of hers is Brahms.

Laura LeBoutillier’s Wedding

It is with great pleasure that we announce Laura and Aaron’s marriage on September 23, 2006. In addition to her husband, Aaron, who is Garden Answer’s videographer, she is also a photographer.

With over 16 years of marriage, the couple has two beautiful children named Benjamin and Samantha, who are a blessing to their family.

Laura LeBoutillier’s House

There used to be a home on a sixth of an acre where Laura and her family lived before Laura started her YouTube channel. Having produced thousands of videos, the couple bought and lived on a two-acre property in Eastern Oregon (zone 6) after they had produced 1000s of videos.

Laura Leboutillier Net Worth

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Garden Answers Laura LeBoutillier’s Net Worth & Income

Laura LeBoutillier and Aaron Kurth have worked hard for ten years on their YouTube channel. Before that, they were marketing professionals and workers at a local cable company.

The couple also own a company, Garden Answer LLC, registered in 2016. They have run this company for over seven years as directors and members.

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