Krystiana Tiana Net Worth 2024 [Bio, Career, Wiki, Age]

The girl was born on June 17, 1989 (age 34) in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States and her mother’s name is Kristianatiana. Currently, she is one of the top TikTok stars in the world. It is famous that she posts hilarious comedy videos on her TikTok account, usually involving her family members.

Brooke Ashley Hall, a TikTok star with whom she is friends, appears in many of her videos since they both follow similar lifestyles. A total of 4.9 million followers and 224 million likes have been recorded on her Krystianatiana Instagram account.  The Life Path Number for Krystianatiana is 5, according to the numerology system of life path numbers.

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Krystiana Tiana Net Worth:

With an American nationality, Krystiana Tiana Net Worth of over USD 2 million, and most of her income comes from social media, which is the major source of her income.

In 2007, she rose to fame when she started her own YouTube channel named “OneAndOnly” where she uploaded many videos of DIY projects, acapella songs, and gothic fashion and beauty tips which became her most popular videos as she gained fame by posting them on her channel.

The year 2013 was the year when Kristiana officially joined YouTube, which is after working on it for the past six years. One of Kristiana’s videos titled ‘DIY: Altered side corseted tank top’ was posted on Kristiana’s official YouTube channel on 17 May 2013, and has over 125k+ views on it as of today.

Krystiana Tiana Wiki

In the year 1990, Krystiana Tiana was born in Compton, California, United States of America, on August 28, 1990. The American Youtuber and TikToker are one of the most popular social media influencers on the internet. She is widely known for her unique personality, humorous sense of humour, and creativity, all of which have added to her growing fan base around the world.

The details of Krystiana Tiana’s education are not publicly available, but we do know that she is a graduate.

Krystiana Tiana Net Worth

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Krystiana Tiana Age

At the time of writing, she will be 33 years old as of 2023.

Krystiana Tiana Height and Weight:

As far as we know, Krystiana Tiana’s height and weight are not publicly available. Despite that, there is no doubt from her social media posts that she maintains a healthy lifestyle and takes care of herself in a regular manner.

Krystiana Tiana Parents:

Krystiana Tiana’s parents do not have any information that is publicly available about them. It is unclear whether they are connected to her career in any way and whether they are involved in the entertainment industry.

Krystiana Tiana Personal Life:

Krystiana is married to Ryan Draney, an attorney who works in the finance industry and stocks and shares. After meeting in a gym in Las Vegas in 2015, they got married in 2018 after getting engaged in 2017.

As a couple, they have three children, and Krystiana has two children from previous relationships as well. As a result of their efforts to blend their families beautifully, they have been praised for the work they have done.

Kristiana Boyfriend

The information we have on Kristiana indicates that she may be single & she has not been previously engaged. Currently, Kristiana is not dating anyone at the time of writing this article.

It appears that we do not have any past relationships with Kristiana in our records. You may be able to assist us in building the dating records for Kristiana if you wish.

Krystiana Tiana Net Worth

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Krystiana Tiana Instagram and Net Worth:

However, Kystiana has continued to gain more followers on her social media platforms despite this. With the help of TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, she is now able to create content full-time. In addition, she shares her experiences as a stay-at-home mother and the difficulties involved in parenting and co-parenting.

On the other hand, Ryan is a corporate lawyer and finance specialist working in the law department of a company. It is thanks to their two jobs that they can afford a decent lifestyle for their family. It is from these paid promotions, endorsements, and advertisements that Kristiana earns the majority of her income.

Krystiana Tiana Net Worth of almost $10 million as a result of working together with her husband. The couple has been able to live a luxurious lifestyle as a result of their income. On one occasion, they went viral on the internet for sharing a picture of their house, which has an elevator, smart toilet, basketball court, and luxurious furnishings and electronics.

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FAQ’s about Kristiana:

Who is Kristiana or Krystiana?

The American model, YouTuber, TikToker & social media icon Kristiana, whose full name is Krystiana Tiana, is also known by her full name Krystiana Tiana.

How old is Kristiana?

In 2022, she will be about 31 years old as she was born on 28 August 1990 in California, United States of America, which makes her age just a few years older than when she was born.

Who is Kristiana’s husband?

I’m happy to announce that Kristiana married Ryan [Instagram name – radically_ryan].

Kristiana’s children?

A beautiful daughter is to be born in 2020 to the lovely couple Kristiana and Ryan.

What is Kristiana’s Instagram account and id?

There are over 398k+ followers of her account on Instagram, and the id of her account is ‘krystianatiana’.

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