Kaleb Wyse Net Worth 2024 [Age, Height, Weight]

The 36-year-old Kaleb Wyse is an American YouTuber and Content Creator specializing in gardening, cooking, and lifestyle topics. It is estimated that he will have a net worth of $2 million by the year 2023.

As a landscaper and gardener, as well as a chef and baker, he has more than 360K subscribers on YouTube alone. It is not uncommon for him to feature his dog, Kip, in his videos.

After abandoning his career in business and accounting to pursue his hobbies of gardening and cooking indoors, Kaleb founded Wyse Guide to pursue his hobbies of gardening and cooking indoors. The fourth generation of Kaleb’s family lives on the family farm in Iowa.

However, Wyse Guide has now become the sole occupation of his life. Having over 1.6 million followers on social media, he has been able to amass quite a fan base over the years.

How Much Is Kaleb Wyse Net Worth?

The Kaleb Wyse net worth is estimated to be between $5 million and $7 million as of its publication date. Through YouTube, he has been able to generate a lot of money as a gardening, cooking, and lifestyle content creator.

Using the YouTube ad programs, Wyse estimates that he will earn between $361 and $5.8K each month and a total of $4.3 to $69.4K per year in YouTube ad programs, according to Social Blade. As a result of his YouTube content creation, he continues to generate passive income for himself.

Kaleb Wyse’s Age

A United States citizen named Kaleb was born to his parents on July 31, 1987, in Mount Pleasant, Iowa, the United States of America. At the time of writing, he will be 36 years old as of 2023.

Kaleb Wyse Net Worth

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Kaleb Wyse’s Height & Weight

In some sources, Kaleb is believed to be able to stand at a decent height of 5 ft 11 inches, which is 180 cm or 1.80 meters high. Currently, there is no information available in the public domain about the weight of Kaleb.

Even though the height information has not been gathered from verified sources, it may not be accurate because it has not been verified.

With brown hair and blonde highlights, he has light brown eyes and brown hair.

Kaleb Wyse’s Religion & Nationality

Having been born and raised in Wisconsin, United States, Kaleb is a native of the state. Therefore, he is a citizen of the United States of America. White Caucasian is the ethnicity of the man.

His parents are Christian Christian Christians and he is a Christian by faith. He was born into a Christian Christian family. Leo is the sign of his zodiac.

Kaleb Wyse’s Education

The University of Eastern Mennonite awarded Kaleb a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. A Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Business Administration was the degree he earned from his university.

kaleb Wyse’s Father

Kaleb’s father’s name is Curt Wyse, and his mother’s name is Jodi Wyse Woline, and their family consists of two children. As a result of cancer, his father passed away in 2004.

As Kaleb was raised in a farming family, he has developed a lifelong love for gardening, which he attributes to his upbringing in a farming family. As a child, Curt had an enormous influence on his love of the outdoors and the flora, as a result of his father’s influence.

Unfortunately, Kaleb’s father died of cancer in 2004, and he was left without a father figure to look up to.

Kaleb Wyse’s Sister & Family

In many of his videos, he features his mother as a central character.

A sister of his is Kelsey Swartzentruber (née Wyse) who is an actress.

Due to Kaleb’s upbringing surrounded by lush vegetation and agricultural operations, he developed an appreciation for nature at an early age. Eventually, he developed a passion for gardening as a result of the connection between his family and farming and pursued it as his lifelong hobby.

Who Is Joel Kratzer, Kaleb Wyse’s Husband?

There is a lot of speculation about Kaleb and his blogging partner Joel Schieber, who runs practically every aspect of their lifestyle content behind the scenes. There is no doubt that their bond has grown stronger than ever in the last ten years of collaborating on their YouTube channel together.

As a result of seeing their bond, many people assume they are romantically linked, and as a result, Joel is frequently mentioned as Kaleb’s husband when searching the internet for information related to Kaleb.

This assumption is not true, however, as the couple has never made an official claim that they are related. There has yet to be a marriage for Kaleb.

Kaleb Wyse’s Wiki

As soon as Kaleb graduated from college, he began working as an accountant for Chatham Oaks Inc. when he was a young man. After a short period, he realized that an office setting was not the right place for him to pursue his actual calling.

His enthusiasm for gardening, cooking, and decorating motivated Kaleb to abandon his lucrative career and pursue all things horticultural, leading him to make the bold choice to leave his lucrative profession behind to pursue his passion for all things horticultural.

As part of his relationship with his then-boyfriend who is now his husband, Joel Schieber, Kaleb started a blog website called The Gray Boxwood in 2012. To make people aware of the wisdom that had been passed down through Kaleb’s family, they wanted to make them aware.

As Kaleb shared his knowledge and provided guidance on gardening and living a traditional lifestyle on the site, the site gained popularity and served as an inspiring platform as a result of Kaleb’s knowledge sharing.

As their internet presence grew, Kaleb and Joel decided to broaden their audience engagement through the use of social media. The couple started their YouTube channel in November 2012 to show how anyone can design their garden place and show how they can make it look amazing.

With their distinctive material and compelling stories, they have succeeded in building a community of gardening lovers who value their authentic approach and appreciate their approach to gardening.

Kaleb Wyse Personal Life

Kaleb has had a lot of highs and lows throughout his life, both behind the camera and with the toolbox. It is safe to say that his father, Curt, played a very important role in his life but sadly passed away in 2004 at the age of 99. In addition to his mother, Jodi, and sister, Kelsey, Kaleb has a very special bond with his family. In an Instagram video, Kaleb put to rest rumours that he might be dating his blogging partner, Joel after rumour mills started churning out stories about them.

Kaleb Wyse List News 2023

The influence of Kaleb will continue to grow in 2023 as well. The passion that he has for promoting sustainable gardening practices can be seen through the content that he produces. Although he has achieved an increasing level of success and has a substantial net worth, he still stays grounded and focuses on his love of gardening.

Is Wyse’s husband Joel Kratzer?

The fact that you are renowned does not necessarily come with any advantages. Your life becomes a matter of public interest in every aspect, especially your personal life, which catches the majority of the attention when it comes to your life.

In the same way, Kaleb Wyse went through the same thing.

In watching Kaleb’s videos regularly, you will get to see how close he is to his blogging partner Joel, who is responsible for practically everything that goes on behind the scenes in creating their lifestyle content. Kaleb likes to call Joel his “little brother” so it is easy to relate to him.

It’s been nearly a decade since they started working together on their YouTube channel, but their friendship has only grown stronger over the years.

As a result of witnessing their closeness, many have presumed that the two are romantically linked, and now you can find tons of searches implying Joel is Kaleb’s husband on the internet.

It is, however, incorrect to assume that the duo have confirmed such rumours as they have never done so. In addition, Kaleb has not yet been married to anyone.

They appear unconcerned about the gossip, although the mutual affection between them is evident daily. Discussions of their decade-long friendship and how they came to share the same journey through a shared passion are frequent among them.

Kaleb Wyse Net Worth

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Frequently Asked Question:

When did Kaleb Wyse start Wyse Guide?

In 2012, Kaleb Wyse founded Wyse Guide as a business venture. In the years, he has refined the platform and expanded it into a successful business over the years.

What led Kaleb Wyse to quit his day job?

He quit his day job in December 2021 to focus on creating content for Wyse Guide instead of looking after his day job. After gaining significant popularity, with a growing following on social media, the platform decided to discontinue its service after only a few months.

What kind of content does Kaleb Wyse create?

Kaleb Wyse is a creator of content related to gardening, cooking, and rural living. Through sharing practical guides and tips with his audience, he simplifies complex tasks in a way that is easy to understand and understandable to the audience.

How did Kaleb Wyse’s upbringing influence his work?

It is on the same land that Kaleb Wyse grew up on that he gardens today where he was raised Mennonite. Having grown up working outdoors with his mother and grandmother, as well as having their extensive farmyard to enjoy as a resource, sparked his desire to work in gardening and landscaping. With Wyse Guide, he is now able to share his passion with others.


It is true that Kaleb Wyse, an avid gardener and a master storyteller, has cultivated a successful online presence through his passion for gardening and authentic storytelling. Despite his lack of salary, he has shown persistence, commitment, work, dedication, and love for the craft he has chosen. This is not just a story about numbers; it’s a story about pursuing one’s passion to achieve success.

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