Jody Cieutat Net Worth 2024 [Bio, Career, Famous Stunt]

Is Jody Cieutat a skilled stunt double and actor as well as being a stunt double? There are several movies and TV series in which he has played the leading role. His short height has not prevented him from portraying a variety of characters successfully, even though he is short.

Many people admire his work, and his skills have gained him a significant following.

Jody Cieutat Net Worth

Jody Cieutat net worth has been attributed to his work as a stuntman, which primarily contributes to his wealth. Lil’ Reecie’s Click Clack is a rap song performed by Midget Mafia OG called Lil’ Reecie. Jody Cieutat’s net worth is estimated to be $1.3 million, derived principally from TikTok, according to Forbes magazine.

Jody Cieutat Early Life

Jody Cieutat was born in the United States of America in the state of Georgia. It is unknown what year Jody Cieutat was born. As of right now, he is estimated to be 40 years of age. The early years of his life are not known to us in any other detail.

Jody Cieutat Net Worth

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Jody Cieutat Personal Life:

In addition to being a married man, Jody Cieutat has two children. There is no information about the name of his wife, however. There is no information on whether they have any children or not. In terms of his personal life, Jody Cieutat did not disclose any details about it.

Jody Cieutat Career

Jody Cieutat made her screen debut as an elf in the movie “The Night Before” which was released in 2015.

He shared the screen with actors Seth Rogen and Joseph Gordon-Levitt on the project. In an interesting turn of events, his mom received a casting call when she was watching the news while he was watching the show. He was subsequently cast in the role as a result of his success.

It was not an easy decision for Jody and his wife to take on the role of an elf, however, they discussed it thoroughly before making the decision. His ability to excel in an intricate part and the determination he had to prove doubters wrong came together to give him success.

A year later, he had the opportunity to work with Garry Marshall on a project in which he collaborated with him.

Michael Endoso is credited with encouraging Jody to explore stunt work as a career choice. It was this encouragement that led him to try out stunts in the industry as a result.

Jody Cieutat Tiktok

When Jody thought he was getting old, it was not surprising to hear that he realized he wasn’t old but was just short at the moment he thought so. He put his height of 3’11 to good use, and in due course, he commenced a career as a stunt performer. After doing a stand-in role for Caleb Brown in the 2016 film Mother’s Day, he gained a lot of popularity for his role.

It was through his TikTok account that he began his journey to become a famous vlogger. It is realmidgetmafiaog who is his TikTok ID.

Several videos were posted by Jody on TikTok, responding to fans’ comments. As well as sharing daily chores through the Cameo application, he also shared a personalized diary of his day.

Jody Cieutat Family and Personal life

Besides being a well-known TikToker from Georgia, the 40-year-old individual is also a popular TikToker from India. Among his social media accounts, he is known as Midget Mafia OG or @midgetmafiaog.

His most well-known memes include Favorite Candy, Reese’s Pieces, Lifesaver Gummies, and Reese’s Pieces. Furthermore, Jody also became a viral sensation due to the way he pronounced “Rhesus Pieces” or “REESY Peesy Pieces.”

He is also known as Reesy Peecy’s Guy, which refers to his nickname of the same name. The TikTok video he made along with Chapter 2 of Lifesaver Gummies Comments went viral along with his TikTok video.

In one of the videos he has uploaded to TikTok, one of his fans is being pulled into a box while doing a stunt, and another one uses Capcut to edit the video.
It was released in October of 2022 that his rap song, Click Clack, became a hit.

Jody Cieutat famous stunt story

He did his favourite stunt while working in Greenland with Brad Martin, one of his favourite stunts. While working on a stunt contract and chilling out, Brad Martin asked if he would like to accompany him on the job.

Since they were both together, Jody learned a lot in a short amount of time. In addition, stunt performers were also known as superheroes, and Jody became inspired and got inspired about being a great stunt performer when he started seeing them as superheroes. Due to his role as a stunt performer, Jody was able to make himself more noticeable to the public.

Jody Cieutat Social Presence

There is a significant following on his social media presence. There are a majority of his followers on TikTok where he has been known for his work with Midget Mafia OG since February 22, 2021. As part of a movie, he was seen performing several stunts.

It has been viewed more than 7,000 times and has received more than 670 likes. It can be seen that the video was uploaded on May 1, 2021, and it became a semi-viral hit with 15,300 views and almost 350 likes in just 16 months. The Twitter account that Jody had was also active at the time.

In July 2022, he made a promise to reach 20,000 followers, but he was successful in gaining 8.9 million views and 1.6 million likes in a matter of three months. The video that he is running, which he is running right now, has been used by many people for their CapCut edits.

Jody Cieutat Movies:

It was noticed that he was

  • As VFX supervisor for 2018, Ant-Man and the Wasp played a major role in the film.

  • An Avengers: Infinity War stand-in in 2018 for the movie Avengers: Infinity War

  • Taking the place of Avengers: Endgame in 2019

  • As a puppeteer in 2020, I will be part of Love Craft Century

  • I am looking forward to performing stunts in Greenland in 2020

Jody Cieutat Net Worth

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Jody Cieutat Famous Stunt:

It was while working in Greenland and working alongside Brad Martin that Jody had his favourite stunt experience. The two of them teamed up when Brad asked Jody to join him during a break from their stunt contract, and they worked out together. It didn’t take long for Jody to pick up the skills and techniques needed to succeed.

The fact that the stunt guys were real-life superheroes inspired Jody to be a stuntman herself. This sparked his interest in becoming a stunt performer and ignited his aspirations to become the best. After this newfound determination, Jody stood out in the stunt work industry due to his newfound determination.

Jody Cieutat As A Public Figure – Social Media Influencer

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