Garmaguard Net Worth 2024 [Before & After Shark Tank]

The Badawy brothers are the founders of GarmaGuard, a natural disinfectant for clothing that was created by Bianca and Peter Badawy. There is no information about the start date of the company. The net worth of the company is $800,000, and the company is pulling in a whopping $500,000 in annual revenue as of September 2023.

On October 16, 2020, they appeared on Season 12 of Shark Tank USA, seeking $200,000 for a 10% share of equity, which would value the company at $1 Million, thereby putting it on the market. Despite this, the Sharks were not interested in investing in GarmaGuard since they felt they didn’t need to invest in the founders.

GarmaGuard Net Worth:

In exchange for 10% equity in her company, GarmaGuard co-founder Bianca has asked for $100,000, so Garmaguard Net Worth is $0.7 million as a result.

It has grown very well since 2020, but it needs to be marketed well to make it a success. According to the current sales value of this product, the value could increase to $14.99 in the future as well.

GarmaGuard Founders:

Bianca Badawy and Peter Badawy were the two founders of GarmaGuard. I do not know when the company was founded. They are partners in the business. They want to create for the people the first garment that is all-organic, non-GMO, and made from natural fibres. As of 2023, a net worth of USD 800,000 has been estimated for the founders of GarmaGuard, Bianca and Peter Badawy.

Garmaguard Net Worth

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There is a product called GarmaGuard that is designed to help remove odour-causing bacteria from garments and fabrics safely and effectively. It is a non-toxic and natural product. The product helps remove dirt, odours, and bacteria from the surface of the skin.

The cleanser has been marketed as a safe alternative to harsh chemical disinfectants, and it has proven to be effective against certain germs and bacteria when used as directed.

Using this product, you can spray it on a wide range of surfaces, clothing, and fabrics, whatever you choose. With it being GMO-friendly, the cleanser contains the primary ingredient of Citric Acid, which is an organic compound that is known for killing harmful bacteria within its body.


The Garmaguard is small and compact, and it can easily be carried around with you, placed in the car, or kept in a purse if you wish.

A single spray of GarmaGuard is all that is required to get rid of all unnecessary odours, dirt, and bacteria no matter what surface or item they are on. Aside from clothing, shoes, bedding, towels, uniforms, cat seats, exercise equipment, dog beds, and even couches can be cleaned with this product!

As a result of using this cleanser, whatever you come into contact with throughout the day can be kept away from your home, keeping you and your family safe from germs and bacteria that can be harmful to your health.

GarmaGuard Before Shark Tank

The Badaway family had been dealing with a problem for a long time when Pete Badaway decided to apply to “Shark Tank” after being frustrated with his current problems for quite some time.

It was always He, a police officer who had served in the army, and Bianca, a nurse who had served in the army, who would remove their uniforms and shoes when they arrived home after their shifts. In both cases, she worked as a nurse and he worked as a policeman.

It didn’t sit well with either of them to think about bringing germs from their workplaces into their homes, since neither of them liked the idea. There was a product that Pete and his wife were hoping to find that they could use during the day to disinfect their clothes, but there was none available to them. As a result, they came up with a solution called GarmaGuard.

The company decided to opt for natural and healthy alternatives instead of using harmful chemicals to achieve its goals. As a powerful antibacterial and antiviral agent that can help remove unpleasant odours, citric acid is an excellent choice for the pair.

Wine Balloon/Air Cork Shark Tank Update

A series of scientific tests have been carried out by the Badaways to prove that GarmaGuard is capable of ending COVID. Can you make a deal with the Sharks if the above should be enough to convince them to make a deal with you?

GarmaGuard Shark Tank Recap

The Badawy sisters pitched their business, GarmaGuard, to the Shark Tank panel during the first episode of Shark Tank Season 12 and asked for $100,000 for 10% ownership in exchange for a $100,000 investment.

As an alternative, you could think of GarmaGuard as a homemade spray that can be used to disinfect your clothes at home. During the meeting with the sharks, the two parents explained to them that they wanted to be clean before hugging their children because they came home from work dirty every night.

In this story, Bianca is a nurse, and Peter is a police detective. They told the sharks they wanted their children to be clean before they hugged their children to get the idea for the product.

There was a great deal of interest shown by the sharks towards the product, inquiring as to whether or not it would be effective at eliminating COVID-19 as well. It is clear that Peter and Bianca were confident that it would, but they explained that laboratory testing could take up to a year since they were not able to claim at this time.

Even though it has only been available for purchase for the past 18 months, the GarmaGuard product has already achieved lifetime sales of $476,000 and is on track to generate over $500,000 by the end of 2020 after only 18 months of availability.

Village Scholarships Shark Tank Update:

Furthermore, they have a profit margin of 20% on all sales, and the product sells for a retail price of $12.99, while the cost of production is $1.85, resulting in a profit margin of 20%. While the sharks liked the product, they thought that there was no need for a partner for Bianca and Peter and that the business could continue without their assistance as they expanded.

In conclusion, GarmaGuard was not able to secure contracts with any sharks at the show and as a result did not leave the show with any contracts.

What Happened To GarmaGuard After Shark Tank?

Indeed, GarmaGuard is still going strong in 2022, even though it left Shark Tank without striking a deal with any investors after it left the stage. Over 250 reviews have been posted on the website for the product, all of which have been rated five stars.

It has been praised by customers that GarmaGuard spray is effective at removing odours associated with smoking, odours associated with sports equipment, disinfecting sports equipment, and neutralizing odours associated with food that has migrated to clothes after having it applied to them. It is generally agreed that the refreshing scent is only overwhelming to the point of being overwhelming according to most reviews.

On its Facebook page, the GarmaGuard company says that it collaborates with UFC fighters to advertise its product to increase sales. When he competed in April 2022, Ange Loosa, a 28-year-old mixed martial arts fighter, wore his sponsor’s name on the back of his shirt, indicating the brand that was backing him when he was competing.

Garmaguard Net Worth

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SiliDog Shark Tank Update

They run many advertising campaigns that are tied to sports, and this is one of the most popular ones. Aside from working with Sanford Mixed Martial Arts, GarmaGuard also collaborates with the Minnesota Vikings’ football cornerback Parry Nickerson, who plays for Sanford Mixed Martial Arts.

During an episode of “Shark Tank”, Pete and Bianca stated that since the EPA had not approved GarmaGuard, they were unable to make any guarantees about the effectiveness of the product in terms of the destruction of germs and viruses. It is possible that these permissions are still being processed since neither the package nor the marketing has been changed.

To advertise this product properly, it needs to make claims about the product’s ability to prevent the spread of germs in the advertisement. In the packaging, it is described as a natural product that is safe to use on fabrics and can remove odours.

It was with disappointment that Kevin O’Leary voiced his disappointment about the two of them not being able to “put an X over a tiny COVID bacteria on the label of a GarmaGuard bottle.” The company does not make any claims about the product’s effectiveness against COVID-19, so it is unlikely they could demonstrate its effectiveness.

Tailgate N Go Shark Tank Update

The goods are still purchased by a large number of people despite this. Walmart provides the product for purchase online, but it can be difficult to find in stock due to its high demand. HSN broadcasted a live sales program that highlighted the benefits of GarmaGuard in the year 2021. It is available on the company’s website as well as Amazon’s marketplace for purchase as individual units or in packs of up to twelve units.

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