Zarna Garg Net Worth 2024 [Career, Age, Bio, Husband]

There is no doubt that Zarna Garg is one of the most influential names in the comedy industry at the moment. Known for her unique brand of humor and for breaking stereotypes, Garg is an Indian immigrant and mother of three who has made people laugh with her unique brand of humor. How much is this rising star worth? What is the estimated net worth of this rising star? Here, we will analyze the estimated net worth of Zarna Garg in 2024 based on some information we have at our disposal.

Early Life and Career Beginnings:

Born and raised in India, Zarna Garg has lived all of her life in that country. As soon as she got married, she moved to the United States with her husband. After raising three children with the help of her husband, Garg chose to pursue her passion for comedy after earning a law degree. It is her unique perspective as an Indian immigrant and mother that has been the source of her comedy, a style that resonates with audiences around the world.

Zarna Garg is a multi-talented individual. She excels as a stand-up comedian, an award-winning screenwriter, and a former lawyer. Additionally, she serves as a motivational speaker and keynote speaker.

Notably, she has gained immense popularity on TikTok. She has over 370k followers and an impressive 75 million views for her comedic content.

Zarna Garg Age:

In 1975, Garg was born in Maharashtra, India, on the 15th of February. According to Zarna Garg’s birth date, she is now 49 years old in accordance with her birthday. As a teenager, she lived in Mumbai for most of the time.

It was tragic to learn that her mother passed away at the tender age of fourteen due to jaundice. In spite of her father’s wishes for her to have an arranged marriage, Garg chose to take a different route.

After making the decision to leave home, she sought the support of her family and friends. A couple of years later, she emigrated to the US and relocated to Akron, Ohio, to live with her sister.

Zarna Garg Net Worth

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Zarna Garg Education:

A bachelor’s degree in finance was acquired from the University of Akron, where she received her degree. It was at Case Western Reserve University School of Law that she earned her law degree later in her career.

As a stay-at-home mother for 16 years, she was very dedicated to her children. In order to pursue stand-up comedy, she was encouraged by her children.

Zarna Garg Husband:

She is the kind of woman who is completely devoted to her family. In 1998, she got married to Shalabh Garg, who is also an Indian. According to official records, Shalabh Garg, who is also from India, is the husband of Zarna Garg.

Zarna Garg Children – Zarna Garg Son, Daughter:

Garg and Shalah have three children between them. In addition to Brij Garg, the couple has two children: Zoya Garg (daughter), and Brij Garg (son). As far as we know, Zarna’s other son does not have a name. In addition to living in New York City with her family, Zarna also owns a small business.

Zarna Garg Biography:

The Indian actress Zarna Garg, regarded as one of the most popular faces in television, movies, and advertisements, gained acclaim in the entertainment industry thanks to her notable performances in series such as “Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani” and “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai.”

Aside from acting, Zarna has expanded her resume with a role in the film “Jigariyaa.” Aside from acting, she has expanded her horizons into the world of fashion by establishing her own online label, Zarna Garg Fashion, which focuses on conceptual fashion.

Zarna Garg Net Worth and Lifestyle:

A multifaceted talent  a Zarna Garg Net Worth of $2 million, Zarna Garg is regarded as one of the most successful actors and she also owns a fashion empire, Zarna Garg Fashion, which she runs herself. In New Delhi, she is a pampered lady who lives in opulence in a luxurious residence and cruises in style in her high-end vehicle while enjoying the opulence of her home.

She lives the high life as an Indian model, actress, and entrepreneur, but she is much more than just a model or actress. It is no secret that she has earned a reputation for her trendy presence in the realm of entertainment, but she has added a touch of sophistication to her versatile resume by launching her own fashion label.

Zarna Garg Husband:

The Husband of Zarna Garg: Who Is He? In 1998, Zarna Garg married Shalabh Garg, and their marriage has been a happy one. They have three children between them. Brij Garg is the name of their son, and Zoya Garg is the name of their daughter.

The name of Zarna’s other child is unknown, as is the name of her other child’s mother. In addition to living in New York City with her family, Zarna is also an artist.

Zarna Garg YouTube:

In February of this year, Zarna Garg made her YouTube debut. As of July 15, 2022, the video of hers had been viewed over 1.32 million times. The video that Zarna Garg uploaded to her YouTube channel is the third most watched video on her channel. With over 60,000,000 views in her first year of using TikTok, Zarna has amassed a massive following.

There has been an increase in her following on Instagram as a result of her humorous content. According to the YouTube statistics, Zarna Garg has over 31.66k subscribers and over 11.6 million views on her channel. Her number of Instagram followers is 321k, and she has the number of Twitter followers of 1,79k. Over 100 million views have also been accumulated by her TikTok videos.

Zarna Garg Son & Daughter:

With Zarna Garg’s irresistible designs, you can elevate the style of your family, and meet the next generation of fashion-forward elegance: Brij Garg, the dapper son, and Zoya Garg, the chic daughter.

Zarna Garg Net Worth

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Zarna Garg Sister:

Zarg Garg Sister – who is she? You’re going to enjoy an elegant and stylish duo of fashion and elegance with Zarna Garg and her sister Parul Parikh this summer. Creating a look that’s truly timeless, their exquisite designs seamlessly blend tradition with modernity to deliver a style that’s truly unique.


The story of Zarna Garg’s career as a stand-up comedian and passionate advocate shows that it is possible to make a meaningful impact using your talent and platform to do good in the world.

There has been a lasting effect on her audience and those causes she supports through her comedy and advocacy. There is great interest in the net worth of Zarna Garg, as well as how she has made a career for herself.

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