Wisp Broom Net Worth 2024 | Shark Tank Update

In addition to being a regular broom, Wisp goes above and beyond. Whether it is a small mess or a big mess, this product offers a complete cleaning solution.

As a result of its design, it can reach areas where pet hair often hides, regardless of the type of floor underfoot. As a result of its excellent design, the WISP Pet Broom is extremely effective at attracting and trapping all pet hair in a single motion.

In his pitch to the Sharks, Eben Dobson, inventor of the Wisp dustpan and broom cleaning system, asked the sharks to invest $ 500,000 in his company, Wisp, with 10% of the company.


In order to obtain investment equity, Eben Dobson was seeking $500 000 for 10% of the company as opposed to a $500 000 investment.

The negotiation process began after Lori Greiner and Barbara Corcoran demonstrated the Wisp in a confident, relaxed manner that was followed by negotiations.

There have been $3.3 million in sales for Dobson’s company, but he has also invested $2.1 million of his own money into the venture in addition to his sales.

He is sitting on $ 300,000 of inventory and he lost $ 600,000 in the previous year. Financially, the company was in a precarious position at the time.

Due to the company’s risky financial situation, Mark Cuban, Sarah Blakely, Greiner, and Corcoran almost immediately backed out of the negotiations due to their concern regarding Cuban’s, Sarah Blakely’s, and Greiner’s involvement.

Wisp Broom Founder Information:

A few years ago, Eben Dobson, the creator of Wisp Industries, reinvented the traditional dustpan and broom by inventing Wisp Industries in 2012. In order to achieve this goal, he set out to develop a revolutionary floor-cleaning device.

Market Success and Popularity:

It is a well-known fact that the Wisp Broom has gained significant traction and popularity among homeowners as well as cleaning enthusiasts since it was introduced in 2011. The high performance of this broom, coupled with its innovative design, has led to a number of customers who have become loyal to the product and it has received positive comments across multiple platforms.

Many people have made the broom their go-to cleaning tool due to its efficiency, ease of use, and time-saving capabilities. As a result of its effectiveness in capturing even the tiniest dust particles, it has gained an excellent reputation as the best solution for dusting.

Wisp Broom Net Worth

WISP Broom Net Worth:

It is estimated that Wisp Broom has a net worth of approximately $3.3 million as of the year 2023.

WISP Broom Before Shark Tank:

It had been more than six years since Wisp had been in business before seeking investment from the Shark Tank. It is no secret that the company’s founder, Eben, is a golf enthusiast. The remarkable ability that he exhibited to hit a golf ball accurately from over 300 yards earned him the nickname “WISP.”.

This name was chosen by him for his business, and he decided to use it. In the past, traditional brooms have been used for cleaning purposes, but this product is an innovative alternative. There were 22 investors who were interested in the project and it generated millions of dollars in sales as a result.

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Wisp Broom After Shark Tank Update

Lori contacted WISP after the show and suggested that they promote their product to Lori. Her interest in investing in the company, however, was not piqued.

In an appearance on QVC, she demonstrated WISP. In December 2018, WISP was featured on QVC for the first time before appearing on Shark Tank on December 8, 2018.

It is interesting to note that they mentioned airing on QVC on February 25, 2015, a few years earlier. In May 2022, one of their latest demonstrations was held. In fact, their effectiveness is evident from the fact that all their products have been sold out on both QVC and the company’s own website.

Wisp Broom Net Worth
Company Name Wisp Broom
Wisp Broom Founder Eben Dobson
Wisp Broom Founded 2012
Wisp Broom Headquarters San Marcos, CA
Product Cleaning products and Golf products
Asked For $500 000 for 10% equity
Final Deal No deal
Shark None
Type Privately Held
Company size 11-50 employees
Business Status In business
Wisp Broom Net Worth $3.3 million

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