Vegas Low Roller Net Worth 2024 [Criminal Record, Career]

I am going to write about the net worth and biography of Vegas Low Roller in this post. A well-known YouTube personality known as Vegas Low Roller is a gambler who has a lot of subscribers.

Vegas Low Roller Net Worth 2024:

As of 2024, Vegas Low Rollers’ estimated net worth stands at an impressive $1 million. Primarily fueled by his gambling winnings and earnings from his YouTube channel, VegasLowRoller, which boasts over 176,000 subscribers and 2100 videos, accumulating more than 120,338,520 views since its inception on October 13, 2011.

Notably, his YouTube endeavours alone have generated over $750k, illustrating his significant online presence and income stream. When factoring in his gambling earnings, Vegas Low Roller’s net worth reaches the notable milestone of $1 million.

Vegas Low Roller Criminal Record

Daniel Lorenzo Manachi, who goes by the name Vegas Low Roller, is a felon with a long criminal history that includes burglaries and thefts. A conviction was handed down against him in 2004 for breaking into a residence in Las Vegas and stealing jewellery and electronics from it. He was sentenced to six months in prison for the crime.

As a result of stealing a laptop computer from a summerhouse in 2008, he was condemned once again for theft.

In an attempt to defend his decision to continue lying and participating in his gests with others, Manachi has reiterated that he is a reformed individual and that the felonious records he holds are inapplicable to the gambling channel he runs.

There are still people who have blamed Richter for promoting gambling on YouTube, arguing that his felonious record makes him an unsuitable role model for his videos. There is no question about it; at the end of the day, it is up to each individual whether or not they want to watch Richter’s videos.

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YouTube Career

The name Dan, which the majority of his viewers call him, is the name by which he is referred to on YouTube as a low-stakes gambler. In 2018, VegasLowRoller organized his first SlotCo, which is a forum where he shared his stories and experiences from the life of a low roller.

In addition to being a YouTuber, he said that he has also worked in marketing for over ten years and was formerly a producer of an online game called Fallen Age before beginning his YouTube career.

In addition, the VegasLowRoller slot hunter has also openly disclosed that at the age of 23, he had severe social anxiety and weighed 515 pounds at his height and weight.

Among the things that motivated him to wake up and turn things around was his love for his viewers, who had always supported him. As part of the SlotCon program, Dan proudly announced he had lost 244 pounds without surgery in a year, and his viewers were very proud of him for doing so.

Early Life

It is Daniel Lorenzo Manachi who is known as Vegas Low Roller. His parents are from Beirut, Lebanon, but he now lives in Las Vegas, where he often frequents the casinos in the area. It is difficult to find any information about Manachi’s personal life or his marital status on his website.

I am 45 years old, have no siblings, and was once engaged to be married to someone. It is unclear, however, whether the engagement resulted in a marriage, as no information is available regarding the matter.


We are unable to find any information regarding Vegas Low Roller’s education at this time. As far as we know, he did not attend school or study a particular subject.

Career and Awards

During his YouTube career, Vegas Low Roller showcased his gambling sessions at Las Vegas casinos as he embarked on his YouTube career.

It was through YouTube that he was able to overcome his anxiety and gain a loyal following of supporters. As a result of the latter, VLR began to work out and lost weight, which resulted in him being much slimmer than he was before.

In the gambling genre, Vegas Low Roller’s YouTube channel is today one of the largest in terms of subscribers. In his videos, he frequently expresses his gratitude for the humble attitude he has and the charisma that he exudes.

Furthermore, they praised him for being a genuine YouTuber who does not use fake money like some of the channels out there do. As of yet, there aren’t any awards or accolades associated with Vegas Low Roller’s name, which is unfortunate.

Vegas Low Roller Net Worth

Does VegasLowRoller Use Fake Money?

He is frequently asked about the experiences he has had at casinos by the viewers. It was asked if he had any opinion on the news that casinos are going to ban players from filming when they are playing. As he pointed out, he was once asked to stop filming and he did so, but once the attendant left, he continued to film after that.

He uses fake money, does he not? No, he is a gambler who travels to different land-based casinos in places like Las Vegas and other areas around the world to play. It is even possible to see him inserting cash into the machine in some of his videos.

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