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Small Eduardo Laude has established herself as a prominent figure in the realms of vlogging, entrepreneurship, and socialite circles. With a captivating online presence, she has garnered immense attention from social media audiences, thanks to her vlogs showcasing her opulent and lavish lifestyle on platforms like YouTube. Currently, Small Eduardo Laude’s net worth is estimated at an impressive $50 million, underscoring her remarkable success and financial prowess.

Born on June 17, 1968, Small Eduardo Laude, at 54 years old, is a female trailblazer who has left an indelible mark on the world of social media and entrepreneurship. Her journey to success is a testament to her ingenuity, ambition, and unwavering dedication to achieving her goals.

In the following sections, we will delve into Small Eduardo Laude’s early years, career trajectory, and explore the factors contributing to her remarkable net worth. Join us as we unravel the extraordinary story of Small Eduardo Laude, a true icon in the world of vlogging and socialite culture.

Philipp Laude Biography:

Philipp Laude, born on June 29, 1990, in Germany, is a multifaceted talent renowned for his contributions to the YouTube comedy group Y-Titty. Within this group, he serves as the writer, creator, and producer of skits and parodies that both entertain and enlighten audiences. The group boasts an impressive 3.1 million subscribers, a testament to their widespread popularity and influence.

In addition to his comedic prowess, Philipp Laude is also recognized as a singer, actor, and musician, showcasing his versatility and creativity across various artistic endeavors. Y-Titty comprises a comedy trio, including Yilmaz and Oguz Yilmaz, both esteemed comedians. Philipp’s involvement in the group dates back to its inception, with his friendship with comedian Matthias Roll predating their partnership in the Y-Titty YouTube channel.

With his immense success and influence, Philipp Laude stands as one of the wealthiest YouTube stars hailing from Germany, earning him a coveted position on the list of richest YouTube stars compiled by Popular Bio. Furthermore, his videos rank among the most viewed on the platform, solidifying his status as one of the most popular YouTube personalities globally.

Small Laude Net Worth:

It is estimated that Small Laude’s net worth of at least $50 million as of right now. As a member of a wealthy family and the wife of a successful businessman, she has made a name for herself primarily through sharing and investing in her passions, although she comes from a wealthy background. Professionally, she works as a digital content creator as well as an entrepreneur and sometimes even appears as a model for famous brands when she is not pursuing her own business.

Small Laude Early Life:

The 47-year-old Small Laude was born on June 17th, 1968, in the Philippines, where he was raised. He was born into a well-to-do family in the Philippines where he was raised by his father. The only sibling she has in the family is Joel Eduardo, and she has two sisters, Alice G. Eduardo and Melba Eduardo Solidum. It is Elisa G. Eduardo who is the name of her mother.

She graduated from a high school in the Philippines and completed her education at a private university after completing her high school education.

Small Laude Net Worth

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Small Laude Career and Awards:

As a result of the encouragement of her friend, popular newscaster Karen Davila, Small Laude began vlogging on YouTube in 2013. As a result of her inventive name, “SmallLaude,” her YouTube channel quickly grew in popularity, with more than 780,000 subscribers and almost 320,000 Instagram followers. As a video content creator on YouTube today, Small Laude earns the majority of his income through digital content creation.

Small Laude Personal Life:

It is no secret that Small Laude enjoys shopping, travelling, partying, and spending quality time with her family and friends. It is worth noting that Small is married to Philip Laude, who is the president and owner of Timson Printing and Timson Securities, a broker and printing company. A total of four children have been born to the couple: Pj Laude, Timothy Laude, Michael Laude, and Allison Laude.

Small Laude Age, Height and Weight:

In 1968, she was born on June 17th. The age of Small Laude is 54 as of 2023, which makes him a senior citizen. A 5′ 5″ tall woman, she weighs approximately 55kg and stands at a height of 5′ 5″. In addition to her dark brown hair, she also has black eyes. In addition to being Filipino by nationality, Small Laude has a zodiac sign of Gemini, which makes her a Gemini as well.

Small Laude Net Worth

Small Laude Education:

During the time that Little Laude was in school, she attended an unnamed elementary school. Both her undergraduate and graduate degrees were earned at a private university where she also attended as an undergraduate student.

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  • As one of the first channels to obtain YouTube’s Silver Play Button, Laude was one of the first channels to get the feature in May 2021.

  • As a YouTuber, he learned how to make pottery at Ugo Bigyan’s pottery studio.

  • In many of the publications out there in 2019, the beautiful Small Laude has been featured as a Woman of Style and Substance. Metro Society is one of these publications, as well as Stargate People Asia.

  • As Timothy, her son, claims, “she will always be in the happiest mood of all of her friends and, of course, she will have the widest smile of all of them.”

  • There is never a time when you will not find her in the company of her friends and family because she loves to have a good time and go shopping.

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