Robert Benevides Net Worth 2024 [Career, Love, Bio, Height]

You will likely remember the role of Captain James Harrison, played by Robert Benevides if you were a fan of the classic 1960s TV series Outer Limits. The late Raymond Burr was a well-known actor who appeared in numerous popular films and was a partner of his during his lifetime.

Robert Benevides Bio/Wiki

As an American citizen, Robert Benevides was born on the 9th of February 1930 in the city of Visalia, California, USA. He belongs to the ethnic group of the Japanese. As of February 2020, he will be turning the age of 90 years old. By religion, Robert Benevides is a Christian, and by culture, he holds the characteristics of an American white man.

This is the reason why Robert Benevides’s Biography may lack a lot of content, as he prefers not to talk about much, and chooses to keep his early life, parents, siblings, and education a secret. These are all things that he keeps to himself.

Robert Benevides Career

As a career choice, Robert Benevides takes on the role of an actor. In the past years, he has starred in some television series and movies, and some of them include series like The Bold Ones: The New Doctors (in the year 1969), Ironside (in the year 1967), and The Outer Limits (in the year 1963). Among the many movies he has worked on, he is best known for his work on the above-mentioned ones.

He also worked with his partner Raymond Burr under the aegis of Harbour-UTV Productions, Burr’s production company where he was a co-founder and creative consultant, as well as serving as a creative advisor to the company.

In addition, Benevides was also a co-owner and operator of two orchid businesses located in California’s Dry Creek Valley, as well as a vineyard in the area. Together with his late partner, Raymond Burr, he owned this vineyard and orchid business together.

The property Burr owned belonged to Benevides and he bequeathed all of it to him when he passed away. There are some personal items he had, such as jewellery, clothing, books, artworks and some other items that he gave to his partner Robert Benevides, including some jewellery and clothing.

Robert Benevides Net Worth

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Robert Benevides Net Worth

Having been an actor and owning different properties for a long time, Robert Benevides net worth is estimated to be approximately $5 million. There was a net worth of approximately $15 million that his late partner, Raymond Burr, had before he passed away as a result of a heart attack.

To digress for a moment, Robert Benevides’ partner Raymond Burr had over 140 acting credits at the time of his death and was the recipient of two Perry Mason Primetime Emmy Awards at the time of his death. In addition to his nominations for two gold gloves, he also won two of them before he passed away.

Robert Benevides Personal life and Relationship:

During the late 1950s, it wasn’t easy to be gay, but Robert Benevides, who was gay at the time, met his partner Raymond Burr in the middle of the decade when being gay wasn’t easy. “Perry Mason”, a television program produced by CBS which became a legend of Burr’s, was the show on which they met.

In the beginning, Robert Benevides and Raymond Burr were just friends, but over time, their friendship developed into something more intimate after they discovered they both shared a passion and knowledge for orchid hybridization and cultivation that they were both aware of. Having this common interest in common helped spark their connection and their relationship as a result.

Robert Benevides Height, Weight:

There are 5 feet and 10 inches in height and 56 kilograms in weight for Robert Benevides. The brown eyes he has are also a wonderful addition to his appearance.

Early Life:

Even though people are aware of Robert Benevides’ love life and career details, when it comes to his early life and the background of his life, he remains quite secretive. His childhood can be traced back to the date of February 9, 1930, when he was born Robert Lee Beneveds in Visalia, California.

Even though the 90-year-old is no longer active in the entertainment industry, he enjoys spending his old age in his vineyard and spending time with his family. Despite his attempts to keep a low profile, Benevides did reveal how his father was able to secure an eight-acre property as a gift for him as a firstborn.

His partner, Raymond Burr, is a Canadian who was born in Westminster, British Columbia, while he is a Canadian born in Edmonton, Alberta. His acting career began at a very young age when he moved to California at the age of six and embarked upon it as soon as he could walk.

Robert Benevides Net Worth

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Robert Benevides’s Career from Acting to Production:

Since Raymond Burr and Robert Benevides share a love for acting, it made sense that Burr and Benevides would be a perfect match for each other. His performance in the play ‘Seidman and Son’ in the 1960s made him a fine actor but, after he realized how difficult it was for him to perform in plays, he decided to leave acting.

There was a time when he was in the showbiz industry, however, he also handled the Raymond Burr Vineyards, a vineyard named in memory of his late partner, Raymond Burr. It was at that time that he switched to the production industry and made movies like Ironside, The Outer Limits, and The Bold Ones: The New Doctors.

According to an interview he gave, he opened up about his desire to own land since he was ten years old, and how the vineyard was his dream becoming a reality. The two lovebirds even worked together and founded Harbour-UTV Productions, the production company owned by his husband, together with their love interest.

Robert Benevides Love Life With Raymond Burr

Sadly, we no longer have Robert Benevides’ gay partner Raymond Burr with us since he passed away on September 12, 1993, but the streets will never forget his works on television, even if he is no longer with us. It was during the set of Perry Mason that the couple first met in 1960. It is quite interesting to note that the two shared a special connection at an instant and the two have been together ever since.

Although Benevides and his partner Burr did not get married, they proudly represented the gay community in a traditional society and they were proud of their relationship. A surprise was discovered after Robert’s late lover got divorced from fellow actress Isabella Ward in 1952, even though she had been married to Robert for around four years before his death. In addition to this, they also did not have any children together.

Benevides and the late Burr made it clear many times that they felt excluded simply because of their sexual interests in society, just like other people. During an interview, he described how they faced challenges that heterosexual couples never have to deal with when it comes to a relationship. In fact, in some cases, Benevides was referred to by the media as the business partner of Burr instead of the fact that he was Burr’s business partner.

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