Phil Rosenthal Net Worth 2024 [Career, Age, Salary]

There is no doubt that Phil Rosenthal is one of the top television producers and writers in the world today. Phil Rosenthal Net Worth is $300 million. In the entertainment industry, Phil Rosenthal is most well known for his television career, in which he originated, co-wrote, and executive produced the hit sitcom, “Everybody Loves Raymond.”

The show aired for almost ten years between 1996 and 2005, and it made Rosenthal a well-known figure in the community. Following the end of “Everybody Loves Raymond,” Phil has been busy documenting food and travels ever since. Today, Phil is probably best known for the series he did on ‘I’ll Have What Phil’s Having’ and ‘Somebody Feed Phil’, both of which were documentaries.

Phil Rosenthal Net Worth:

It has been estimated that Phil Rosenthal Net Worth of $300 million as of 2024, according to public resources that have been consulted. His highly successful career in television writing and producing has led him to this remarkable fortune, which is a testament to the success of his work.

Phil Rosenthal Early Life:

On January 27th 1960, Philip “Phil” Rosenthal was born in Queens, New York City at the age of 27. Growing up in a Jewish family, Phil grew up mainly in the town of New City, Rockland County, New York, where he was raised. Phil developed a love for the performing arts during his high school years when he joined the drama club and fell in love with it.

In addition to his involvement in the school’s drama department, he also became a member of the drama club. Rosenthal attended Hofstra University after graduating from high school in 1977.

Phil Rosenthal Net Worth

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Phil Rosenthal Early Career:

In 1981, Phil graduated from college and began to work as an actor in New York City after he had graduated from college. Later on, he was able to make his way into the production side of the entertainment industry, particularly in the field of television production. He has been involved in many different series since he was a kid, such as “Coach” and “Baby Talk.”

Everybody Loves Raymond

As a result of Rosenthal’s partnership with Ray Romano, who coproduced the series, he was able to create the most successful series of his career: “Everybody Loves Raymond.” As a consequence of this partnership, Rosenthal was able to create the most successful series of his career.

The series was based heavily upon Ray’s comedic material, and also included Phil Horan’s wife Monica Horan in the series, appearing as a lead character. Even though Ray Romano was given creative freedom, Phil played a strong role behind the scenes on the show, writing or co-writing about 20 of the episodes which were aired on the show.

Phil Rosenthal Salary:

Although the exact salary figures from “Everybody Loves Raymond” have not been disclosed, it is believed that Rosenthal has earned millions of dollars per season since he was appointed showrunner.

Rosenthal’s Business Ventures:

During Phil Rosenthal’s post “Everybody Loves Raymond” career, he explored some new avenues and opportunities. “I’ll Have What Phil’s Having” and “Somebody Feed Phil” were two of the series that he created, which allowed him to indulge his passion for food while earning additional revenue through partnerships, distribution deals, and streaming rights. By doing so, he was able to take his passion for food to the next level.

Rosenthal’s real estate and other assets

Rosenthal has a total net worth of $17.5 million, however, his total assets include real estate holdings, which include a large property in Hancock Park, Los Angeles with a wine cellar and a marble fireplace, which he listed in 2007 for $5.95 million for a price of $2,000,000.

Personal life and awards

He was born on January 27, 1960, in Queens, New York City, and his journey to success began at a very early age with a passion for performing arts that he expressed throughout his life. Eventually, his dedication culminated in the creation of the show “Everybody Loves Raymond,” for which he received Emmy nominations and a Peabody Award for his efforts.

His subsequent ventures, such as food and travel documentaries, greatly expanded and widened his creative horizons, so that he was able to garner further recognition for his work. There are two children in the family of Rosenthal and Monica Horan, who have been married since 1990.

Awards and Recognition

The contributions Phil has made to the entertainment industry have not gone unnoticed by the public. Among the many accolades he has received, including two Primetime Emmys, a Peabody Award, and an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Writing for his work on the 9/11 telethon America: A Tribute to Heroes which went on to win numerous awards.

Phil’s Culinary Adventures

As the series of Everybody Loves Raymond came to an end, Phil ventured into the world of food and travel documentaries. I’ll Have What Phil’s Having was a show he created and hosted that, sadly, did not get renewed after its first season of airing.

His triumphant return was made due to a similar concept in Somebody Feed Phil which premiered on Netflix in 2018, marking the start of his comeback. In this series, Phil embarks on culinary adventures throughout the world to showcase his deep love for food and culture.

Phil Rosenthal Age:

Phil Rosenthal was born on January 27, 1960, in Queens, New York City, United States. In 2023, he is 63 years old.  Phil Rosenthal is an American television writer, producer, and actor. He is best known as the creator and executive producer of the hit sitcom “Everybody Loves Raymond,” which aired from 1996 to 2005. The show garnered critical acclaim and numerous awards during its run.

Phil Rosenthal Height:

Phil Rosenthal, an acclaimed American television writer, was born on January 27, 1960. He has achieved considerable financial success throughout his career. Phil Rosenthal stands at 178 cm (5’10”) and weighs 68 kg (149 lbs). This article provides comprehensive information about Phil Rosenthal, allowing readers to learn more about him and discover additional details.


Through organizations like The Actors Fund as well as St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Rosenthal is dedicated to supporting causes that resonate with him.

They have a major initiative called “Somebody Feed The People,” which supports organizations that make a significant impact on building a sense of community through food, and is one of their biggest projects. As a part of this initiative, the WFA partners with a wide range of organizations to address food access and insecurity, support chefs and restaurant workers, create employment pathways, and strengthen the food system.

Aside from starting Versa-Style P.E.C. (formerly the Flourish Foundation), Phil and Monica Horan Rosenthal have also founded the non-profit organization, Versa-Style P.E.C., which aims to introduce the arts and hip-hop dance to young children in schools.

It is through his forum that he has raised awareness of charity events and fundraisers, and has actively participated in those activities.

Real Estate:

Phil owns a luxurious home in Los Angeles that offers views of the ocean serves as a gateway from the noise of the city and offers a soothing environment.

A second mansion in the Berkshires is also owned by them for peaceful escapes and family time together. The net worth of Phil Rosenthal is estimated to be about $60 million and this is inclusive of the value of the real estate that he owns.

Phil Rosenthal Net Worth

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Favourite Quotes from Phil Rosenthal

There are a lot of people in this world. There is so much to see, so much to do, so much to eat that I need to see everything. As long as your legs still work, as long as you still have the breath in your lungs, I advise you to go, you’ll never be as young as you are right now. “At the end of our lives, we only regret the things that we haven’t accomplished.” – Philip Rosenthal.

It was my parents and all those who came before me that imparted to me a Jewish sensibility and sense of humour. The Jewish comedians, character actors, and writers I had the chance to observe also reminded me of my family in the sense of humour that they had” – Philip Rosenthal

As a writer, I think it’s necessary to first think it’s funny and decide whether or not to say it out loud before pitching a joke or suggesting an idea to anyone else in the writer’s room, anywhere in the world. For anything to ever find its way into the light of day, on film, or in front of an audience, it needs to be accepted or rejected by those around you.” – Philip Rosenthal

It is a great way to discover new lands and cultures by ordering takeout from home and being able to explore them from the comfort of your own home. Honestly, there couldn’t be a more convenient and easy way to explore, and in this terrible time I would advise people to make use of the Internet as a form of entertainment so that they can experience what’s around them as much as possible.” – Philip Rosenthal

There can be some things that fade away in marriage, but as long as you can laugh with your spouse, that’s what counts at the end of the day because that’s what is left behind. That’s how we pick our friends, and that’s how we eventually choose who we eventually marry when it comes down to it.” – Philip Rosenthal, author of Charisma


Accordingly, Phil Rosenthal’s estimated net worth is estimated to be $300 million by the year 2024. In addition to his role as a successful writer and producer for television shows, he is primarily wealthy from his work on the show “Everybody Loves Raymond”, which has been his most significant source of income in the past couple of years.

Rosenthal has been known for his philanthropic activities and modest lifestyle although he is wealthy. Talent, hard work, and passion can all lead to great success in your life, as he proved with his story.

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