Peter Sage Net Worth 2024 [Career, Early Life, Books]

He is a renowned entrepreneur, author, and motivational speaker who has made a significant impact on the business world with his innovative ideas and unwavering determination, making him one of the most influential figures of our time.

We will be exploring Peter Sage’s net worth in this article, as well as five interesting facts about his success story through the lenses of his net worth. As well as the standard questionnaire, we address an additional 14 questions, including essential details such as age, height, weight, and spouse, as well as incorporating information based on the year 2024.

Early Life – Peter Sage Age:

It is widely believed that Peter Sage was born on the 13th of June, 1972, in Leicester, United Kingdom, into a working-class family. It is now the age of 51 Peter Sage. Despite the lack of siblings in his family, Peter Sage has been raised to be disciplined and perseverant by his parents.

Throughout Peter’s life, he has learned the importance of hard work and dedication from an early age, which has positively impacted his character and work ethic in later years. Growing up, he was a curious and adventurous child with a lot of energy.

Education – Peter Sage Academy

The first school that Peter Sage attended was Leicester Grammar, a state school when he was four years old. Despite this, he was compelled to transfer to a state school at the age of ten due to the high cost of private education.

His entry into the British Army Cadet Force at the age of 14 gave him the distinction of becoming the youngest qualified 4-star instructor in the history of the British Army Cadet Force.

He became a Lord Lieutenant Cadet when he was 16 years old, at which time he met the Queen of England, as well as other members of Royalty. In addition to being an accomplished marksman, Sage was also a national shooting champion at the time.

He dropped out of school at 16 and started his entrepreneurial career with a toy business called ‘Pete’s Toys’ selling toys at flea markets and car boot sales despite his success.

Peter Sage Net Worth

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Personal Life – Peter Sage Wife

I would like to introduce you to Peter Sage’s wife, Thea Sage. Nevertheless, I do not have any solid information from any reliable sources about what their complete family looks like. As a result, there is no information about whether or not they have any children.

Peter Sage Career

Since 1995, Peter Sage has been the leader of The Sage Group, a conglomerate of businesses specializing in publishing, media, health, and real estate. When he was 25 years old, he had become financially independent and had purchased a Ferrari and a home.

The pressure he felt as a result of his accomplishments led to mental and physical exhaustion, culminating in an almost fatal accident caused by his faulty automobile.

Due to this event, Sage was forced to reconsider his philosophy of success, since he struggled with the idea of not being enough, a challenge that is common among CEOs at all levels.

Sage has been a trainer since 2002 for Robbins Research International, where he has helped drug addicts, the homeless, victims of trauma, as well as struggling entrepreneurs.

The Energie Fitness Group, founded by him in 2003, is a successful health and fitness centre that has won numerous awards over the years. It was in 2005 that he sold the company to work on a project called Space Energy that focused on space-based solar energy.

Among other things, Sage served as the Chairman of the London YES Group, a member of the Global Entrepreneurs Organisation, and was a visiting professor for the INSEAD School of Business from 2009 to 2014.

His professional experience includes working for several governments, members of royalty, Google, and NASA, to name a few.

Earlier this year, Sage created the Sage Academy, which includes the Sage Business School, the Elite Mentorship Forum and the Masters’ Circle.

It is also a fact that Sage is a highly accomplished athlete, having participated in numerous marathons as well as being certified in open-water diving, skydiving, and marksmanship.

As an expert in the field of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), as well as an organization of the value ‘Life-Pilot’, he is also a certified Master Practitioner of NLP.

Peter Sage Books:

He wrote his first book, Supreme Physique, on health and fitness at the age of 18 years old, when he was just 18 years old. On its first day of release, the author’s latest book, “The Inside Track,” became the number-one bestselling book on Amazon.

It is not by chance that since then, he has authored several books, including “5 Keys To Master Your Life,” which has sold over 150,000 copies and is ranked No.1 on the Amazon Japan best-seller list.

Additionally, he is the co-author of the book ‘Leap’ with Jack Canfield, as well as the book ‘Lessons Learned from the Recession’ which is published by the Business Leaders Book Club.

Peter Sage Public Speaking:

Sage is an accomplished speaker who is in high demand at conferences and industry events, engaging audiences with his thoughts on various topics related to business management, human resource management, customer relationship management, and the future of entrepreneurship.

As one of the many speakers at TEDx events, he has shared the stage with some of the world’s most respected figures including Kofi Anan, Sir Richard Branson, President Bill Clinton, Steve Wozniak, and others.

Peter Sage Net Worth:

It is estimated that Peter Sage net worth of approximately $1 million. It was in the field of finance that he began his career and since then has emerged as one of the world’s most successful businesspeople.

Aside from his success as a businessman and his wise investments, Sage is renowned for his success as an investor. Previously, he held positions at top international companies such as HP, Dell, Microsoft, and Oracle before switching his attention to being a true entrepreneur.

Sage’s primary source of income is the consultancy fees he charges his clients to provide them with his services. Besides being an author, he is also a motivational speaker and the founder and CEO of some significant tech companies.

From the previous year, he had an increase in net worth of 12% in 2022 as compared to previous years.

Peter Sage Car Collection:

Among Peter Sage’s collection of cars is a Maclaren GT valued at $250,000. A Ford Raptor, valued at $120,000, a Chevrolet Camaro in the range of $63,000, and a Nissan Versa S with a value of $17,600, all of which he owns.

Peter Sage Humanity

In addition to serving as a philanthropist, Sage is also a patron of Positive Awareness and The Sun Lotus Trust, two charitable organizations.

In the past few years, he has raised more than $1 million for a variety of charitable causes, such as the Anthony Robbins Foundation, St Paul’s Hospital Foundation, Community Alliance Network, Room to Read, Save the Rhino, and Easter Seals, among others.

The London Basket Brigade has worked with Sage in the past in providing food to thousands of underprivileged families during Christmas as part of its humanitarian work. Sage is also involved in humanitarian work and is actively involved in humanitarian work.

As part of his efforts to address poverty through education and capacity-building, he has also dedicated several months to sub-Saharan Africa, including the construction of a school in Tanzania, to resolve the problem of poverty.

Peter Sage Net Worth

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Peter Sage Controversy

As part of a dispute with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), Peter Sage was involved in a dispute over the sale of discounted servers that HPE claimed were for Iraq and Afghanistan.

Despite Sage’s denial, he served six months in civil prison as a result of his violation of the terms of a freezing order, which he violated.

His work as a prisoner counsellor was praised by governors during his imprisonment, and he received a Koestler Award in recognition of what he did.

As part of Sage’s initiative to shift prisoners’ mindsets, he developed a tool which has now been adopted by many prisons worldwide.

The businessman is the recipient of several awards, including the Honorary Life Member Award, and the Brand Laureate Award, and was a finalist for the UK Entrepreneur of the Year Award.


A coach and entrepreneur, Peter Sage is passionate about helping people achieve their dreams in life by helping them use their full potential and help them realize their dreams. As a best-selling author and a frequent guest on television and radio shows, Sage has achieved great success. As a motivational speaker, he knows how to motivate and encourage listeners to be determined in their efforts to reach their goals. Peter Sage is the person that you must listen to if you wish to be able to achieve your dreams and make them come true.

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