Martijn Doolaard Net Worth 2024 [Salary, Bio, Age, Height]

A renowned Dutch photographer, filmmaker, and travel writer with a passion for adventure, Martijn Doolaard’s incredible stories and adventures have captured the attention of audiences around the world. As a YouTube sensation with a huge net worth, Martijn can enjoy a life of ultimate freedom as a result of his success on YouTube and his various streams of income.

Martijn Doolaard Net Worth:

A YouTuber, an author, a photographer, and a freelance graphic designer, he earns a living from a variety of sources including YouTube and writing. Currently, the Martijn Doolaard Net Worth is USD 975,000 (as of 2024).

Martijn Doolaard Salary

The salary of Martijn Doolaard is also not known since it is determined by his work and the projects he is involved in. In his role as a freelancer, his income is determined by a combination of factors such as how many clients he works with, what type of work he does, and how long the project lasts. As well, his income from YouTube and book sales is also dependent on factors such as views and sales volume, which determine how much he earns.

Martijn Doolaard Net Worth

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Martijn Doolaard Wiki

In 1983, Martijn Doolaard was born in the Netherlands on December 17, he was a teacher and a musician. In 2006, he graduated from the Eindhoven School of Graphic Design with a degree in Graphic Design. The cyclist has traveled from Amsterdam to Singapore and from Vancouver to Patagonia in a solo cycling journey.

Among the books he has written, One Year on a Bike: From Amsterdam to Singapore and Two Years on a Bike: From Vancouver to Patagonia are among the best-selling titles he has written.

Martijn Doolaard Age

As of 2023, Martijn Doolaard will be 39 years of age.

Martijn Doolaard Height and Weight

It is unknown what Martijn Doolaard’s height and weight are since he has not made these details public yet.

Martijn Doolaard Parents

The father of Martijn Doolaard worked as a landscaper before becoming a minister in a Dutch Protestant church where he currently serves as a pastor. His mother was the housekeeper and had her own technical and financial management skills.

The youngest of his three siblings is a videographer and animator while the oldest brother is a carpenter, the second brother is a landscaper, and the oldest brother is a carpenter.

Martijn Doolaard Education

In 2006, Martijn Doolaard graduated from The Eindhovense School of Graphic Design with a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design. Besides being an avid fan of music, he is also a musician who plays the piano.

Martijn Doolaard Personal Life

To immerse himself in nature for a longer period, Martijn decided to buy six acres of land in the Italian Alps due to his love for cycling. There is a secluded stone cabin that he now lives in in the Val Pellice region of Piedmont, surrounded by breathtaking views. A two-hour drive east of Turin, our young man’s homestead stands as a testimony to his commitment to self-sufficiency and sustainability in his lifestyle.

Martijn Doolaard News 2023

Currently, we have no information about Martijn Doolaard in the year 2023. His YouTube channel and social media platforms, however, remain active as well, where he shares content related to travel, cycling, photography, and design on his channels.

Martijn Doolaard Wikipedia

Career As A Freelance Designer

He is a typical human being living in a small town who has completed his education and is beginning his professional career as a young firefighter. The only difference between him and the other is the way he was raised.

He grew up in the nursery of his family in a large garden where he grew up. His childhood was spent fishing and camping with his family. The outdoor life that he led was inspired by this experience.

The Edidhove School of the Arts in 2006 was where Martijn began his career as a graphic designer. During his graduation year, he did a number of internships.

Upon graduation, he was hired as a freelance designer to work at DesignBridge in 2006 and has continued to work there for over 17 years now. As a freelance designer, he has worked at VBAT and dBOD for the past three years.

His company, DAMP Design, specializing in branding and packaging, was founded by him over 13 years ago, in 2011. Apart from that, he has also worked for several companies, including IVC Wallwijk, Design Bridge Amsterdam, London, Singapore, Randwalk, and QNY Creative, among others.

One Year on a Bike

There was a time when Martijn lived and worked in Amsterdam as a graphic designer full-time, watching his computer screen for the entire day and missing the beauty of nature. His city life was put on hold and he decided to travel instead of living in the city.

There was a time when he was planning a solo bicycle trip to Singapore, in 2015. It wasn’t uncommon for him to travel around 100 km per day on a Surly Long Haul Trucker bike and take his luggage with him.

His trip to Singapore began on April 16, 2015, and he arrived there in a year based on the fact that he had travelled over 17,000 kilometres through 18 countries to reach there.

In addition to maintaining a daily diary of his journey, he converted his diary into a book that he shared with others. “One Year on a Bike: From Amsterdam to Singapore” is the title of the book, which was published on March 25, 2017.

Two Years on a Bike

After returning from the trip, Martijn found city life to be boring, so he decided to embark on his second adventure. On this trip, he chose to travel from Vancouver to Patagonia, and he brought his laptop along with other necessary items he needed for working as a freelancer.

His trip from Vancouver, Canada, to Patagonia, South America, was made possible thanks to a new bike, a Surly ECR 29+, that he had just purchased. As he got some freelance work from time to time, he took some breaks in between.

The purpose of Martijn’s second book, Two Years on a Bike: From Vancouver to Patagonia, was to share his second journey on a bike with others. In November of 2021, he published the book.

During his time as a minimalist and an independent person, he learned a lot from his experience. The journey led him to meet new people and make new friends along the way. A couple was travelling independently for more than 35 years when he met them.

Martijn Doolaard Net Worth

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Martijn Doolaard Cabin

After travelling on a bicycle for two years, writing two books, and recording numerous videos on YouTube, Martijn Doolaard started looking in 2021 for properties in mountainous regions where he could live after his bicycle trip.

As a full-time resident of Amsterdam, he spent most of his time there. It was in Spain that he began his journey, followed by Italy. Then, after four weeks of travelling, he found two small stone cabins in the mountains of the Italy Alps, on just under six acres of land that he owned.

In Piedmont in the northwest of Italy, two stone cabins date back to 1903. Those four walls and a leaking roof were sold to him for €21,000 or $21,600, and there was no plumbing, electricity, or toilet facilities in the house.

It was decided that he would renovate them and use them as his homestead. His renovations were recorded and he posted them on YouTube as videos. As a result of the renovations, he spent more than $20,000 in the first year of the project. He was able to skyrocket the growth of his YouTube channel in a short period.

Martijn plans to renovate these cabins and turn them into a homestead where he will be able to grow his vegetables, animals and chickens in addition to his garden.

Additionally, he owns a meadow near the hill and an apartment in Amsterdam, his hometown, that he bought at the age of 27 as well as these cabins.


In wrapping up our journey into Martijn Doolaard’s financial landscape, it is important to understand that it’s not just about the numbers–it’s about the story he tells along the way. This is not only a testament to a life passionately lived, a story expertly told, and creative juices unleashed without limit of imagination, but also to a net worth of $0.5,000,000 in which the contributions are substantial.

In light of Martijn’s journey, what lessons did you take away from it? Feel free to join me in exploring the richness of a life where every frame holds a piece of the extraordinary, and who knows the story we’ll discover together?

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