Lady Betty Grafstein Net Worth 2024 [Age, Husband, Son]

In addition to being a well-known philanthropist, Lady Betty Grafstein is also considered to be a socialite. Throughout her career, she has been recognized for her generous donations to various charities as well as her dedication to helping those in need.

She has become a household name due to her high net worth and lifestyle. Here is a look at Lady Betty Grafstein’s age, her biography, Lady Betty Grafstein net worth, and the lifestyle she leads in this article.

Lady Betty Grafstein Net Worth:

Betty Grafstein’s net worth is estimated at $100 million as of 2024, primarily from her successful tenure in the jewellery sector, alongside her philanthropic endeavours.

Betty Grafstein’s Early Life

In 1928, Grafstein was born in England, on the 27th of November. Her family was Jewish and she grew up in a Jewish home. Then, in the 1950s, she relocated to New York City and started her career as a jewellery designer and manufacturer.

Lady Betty Grafstein Net Worth

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Betty Grafstein Education:

To further her education, Grafstein attended the University of London to study economics. The Gemological Institute of America also offered her the opportunity to study jewellery design as part of her studies.

She moved to New York City after completing her studies to establish herself in the jewellery industry after completing her studies.

Personal Life: Betty Grafstein’s Son | Betty Grafstein First Husband

There was a man named Roger Basile who, in 1950, was Betty Grafstein’s first husband. Betty Grafstein married Albert Grafstein in 1960, and they had three children.

It was Albert who dealt in diamonds. They both had a son, Roger Grafstein, who was the only child they had together. In 1991, Albert Grafstein sadly passed away after a long illness.

As soon as Betty’s husband passed away, she was given the responsibility of managing Grafstein Diamond Company on her own. She was married to Jose Castelo Branco in 1996. In addition to being an actor, Jose is also a socialite from Portugal.

Some reality television shows have been aired featuring the couple. In addition to “Fam>lia Superstar,” there are also shows such as “HermanSIC” that have been produced.

Lady Betty Grafstein Age:

She is currently 81 years old and is known as Lady Betty Grafstein. In 1939, she was born in London, England, where she grew up. As a graduate of the University of London, where she studied psychology, she holds a degree in this field. When she graduated from college, she moved to the United States and was able to start her own successful business in the United States.

It is well known that she has been involved in many charitable organizations and has a long history of philanthropic work. As a trustee of the Tate Gallery, she has the same affiliation with the Royal Opera House and the Royal Academy of Arts, as well as being a patron of both of them. The University of Oxford awarded her with an honorary degree in 2018 as part of its annual awards ceremony.

Lady Betty Grafstein Net Worth

Betty Grafstein Charity/Philanthropy

Grafstein is a dedicated philanthropist who supports many different charities and causes. There are dozens of charitable organizations in the United States and Portugal that which she generously contributes millions of dollars.

It is important to note that she plays a pivotal role in the Grafstein Foundation as one of its founding members. There is a wide range of charitable causes she actively supports, including education, healthcare, and social services.

Betty Grafstein Young:

Betty Grafstein is the daughter and sister of Leonard Grafstein and Max Grafstein, who are also Jewish. Having earned a degree in pharmacy from Brooklyn College of Pharmacy, she is now working as a pharmacist.

Grafstein Productions was founded by Betty Grafstein during the 1970s, which marked the beginning of her career as a producer. This was a company that produced television shows. It is through this foundation that she can provide grants to young entrepreneurs around the world, which she co-founded and is president of.

Betty Grafstein Son:

Betty Grafstein’s Son: Who Is He? It is Roger Grafstein, the son of Betty Grafstein, who now leads the family business and is carrying on the legacy of her mother. She entered into matrimony on November 27, 1996, in a registry office in her hometown of Bloomfield with Jose Castelo Branco, kicking off a new chapter in her personal life that was going to last for many years to come.


There is no doubt that Betty Grafstein’s legacy of philanthropy stands as a testament to her generosity and compassion. She has made a significant contribution to the arts, education, and other charitable causes and her contributions to the arts and education have made a positive impact on society, although it remains a private matter of discussion.

As a result of Lady Betty Grafstein’s philanthropic work, she continues to make a positive impact on the lives of people around the world. As an inspiration to those who strive to make a difference in the world, her legacy is a source of strength.

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