Judge Tracie Hunter Net Worth 2024 [Complete Updated]

As a former Hamilton County judge, Judge Tracie Hunter has been in the news for both her career as a judge and for the controversy surrounding the tenure she had during her tenure as a judge.

The question arises as to how Judge Tracie’s financial status has been affected as a result of her legal career and controversy over the years. The purpose of this article is to examine the career and life of Judge Tracie, as well as the reasons why her net worth has increased or decreased over the years.

Who is Judge Tracie Hunter?

Tracie Hunter was born in the United States to her mother, Ian Hunter and father, Tracie Hunter. Her exact birth date is not known. Her grandfather is Walter Patterson, and her grandmother is Freda Patterson.

She is a very private person who has never revealed her personal life to the public. She finished her education at a local high school and then went to Miami University in 1988 to finish her bachelor’s degree.

In 1992, she earned her Doctor of Juris Doctor from the University of Cincinnati College of Law. She also graduated from the National Association of Broadcasters Educational Leadership Development Programme in Washington, DC. She began her career as a radio presenter and, for more than 15 years, hosted the talk show Tracie Live.

Judge Tracie Hunter Net Worth:

Throughout her career, Tracie has worked hard and she has been able to make a significant contribution to the industry. As a lawyer, she has worked for some years. Her previous position was as the Pastor of Christ Church at Western Hills Brethren Church. As well as serving as a Guardian Ad Litem at ProKids, a position that is appointed by the court to protect and care for the interests of someone who cannot take care of themselves, she also serves as a volunteer for ProKids.

Her other work experience includes working as a contractor attorney for the public defender’s office as a lawyer. As an attorney for the law firm Waite, Schneider, Bayless & Chesley, LPA, in the legal department, she handled a variety of cases. In Cincinnati, Ohio, she worked as a radio journalist for a radio station called WCVG, where she specialized in journalism.

There was also a TV program known as In Focus on which she hosted a radio talk show every day. Over more than two years, she devoted herself to both of these roles until 1994 when she embarked on a new journey by starting her law firm, which specializes in the fields of civil rights, real estate, probate, and personal injury law.

Upon taking office and being sworn into office, Tracie took office in 2012. As a result of her service for 19 months in 2014, she was suspended from service. It is estimated that during that time she earned $120,000 per year, the average salary of a judge in Ohio during that period. According to estimates, Judge Tracie Hunter Net Worth of over $1,000,000 by the year 2024.

Judge Tracie Hunter Net Worth

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Judge Tracie Hunter’s Case:

It was announced in November 2010 that she had been appointed to the position of judge by the National Judicial Council, and she was scheduled to begin work in January 2011. After being sworn in on May 30, 2012, she came into office after a few disputes were resolved. She was arrested in September 2013 for the offence of backdating court orders, intending to block an appeal of the final order and to provide confidential documents to her brother to prevent an appeal.

As part of the investigation into the misconduct in the Hamilton County prosecutor’s office, two special prosecutors are being appointed to the case as part of the development. As a result of her indictment for eight felonies, the Ohio Supreme Court suspended her on January 10, 2012.

On December 5, 2014, she was found guilty of a felony charge for which she had been charged. A 6-month jail sentence was imposed on her on July 22, 2019. It was the third arrest for her since June 1, 2018. A total of 11 weeks and 75 days of prison time served by her were released from prison in October of this year.

Judge Tracie Hunter Bio:

A lot of people in the African-American community were in favour of Hunter’s conviction, even though her conviction was controversial. The Ohio Supreme Court upheld her conviction in 2016 after she appealed her conviction.

On July 1, 2019, she started serving six months of her sentence in jail, for which she was previously sentenced to six months.

Hunter has since been released from jail, and at this point, she is attempting to have her law license restored to her, as she was previously suspended. It has also been reported that she has filed a lawsuit against Ohio alleging racial discrimination on the part of her employer, the state of Ohio.

Judge Tracie Early Life:

Judge Tracie Hunter Age and Birthday:

Tracie Hunter was born in 1968 in Cincinnati, Ohio, and grew up in Cincinnati. She has now reached the age of 54 years old.

Judge Tracie Parents:

In addition to being a minister, her parents are also teachers.

As a little background, the judge Tracie Hunter is the daughter of John Hunter and Annie Hunter. It was Tracy who was the eldest of the four children they had; Next Ed Ward Louis, Erica, and Stephen Ed Junior.

A brief biography of Judge Tracie Hunter can be found here

Judge Tracie Hunter Education:

As a student at Cincinnati public schools, she graduated from Miami University in 1988 with a bachelor’s degree in political science, having attended public schools in Cincinnati.

After graduating from Miami University, Hunter attended the University of Cincinnati College of Law. After graduating from law school in 1992, she became a lawyer.

Judge Tracie Personal Life:

Judge Tracie Hunter Husband:

The Hunter family consists of Tracie, her husband, and their two children. As a result of the support she received from her family, Tracey has a great deal of value in her life because of them. Her husband’s name is Keith Hunter, and he is the father of two children. Her church of affiliation is the First Church of God in Cincinnati, where she is a member.

Judge Tracie Hunter Brother

Judge Tracie Hunter’s brother, Edward Louis Hunter, was one of the judges on the case. As a juvenile court officer for Hamilton County Juvenile Court Youth Center, Tracy worked as a jail officer when he found himself in legal trouble.

I found his testimony concerning the fact that he received personal materials from Tracy to be very valuable.

Judge Tracie Hunter Career 

She worked as a lawyer advocate for neglected children before she was elected to the position of juvenile court judge. In addition to working as a contract attorney for a public defender’s office, she also had her law firm.

Where is Judge Tracie Hunter now?

A suspension of her law license was ordered by the Ohio Supreme Court after she was arrested and found guilty. It has been three years since she was released from prison, and she is still trying to get her license after she was released from prison. More than $34,000 has been spent on her legal battle over the past six years.

In addition, she has over 1.3k followers on Instagram, over 350 followers on Twitter, and 1.6k followers on Facebook. Now that Judge Tracie is a motivational speaker, she is sharing her story with others. The author shares her experiences of being a suspended court judge and a prisoner in her book. As well as publishing her book, The Hunter Files: My Journey Through The Justice System, she is also an author.

What did Judge Tracie Hunter do?

A total of eight felonies were charged against Hunter in 2013. When he was still an official, he committed crimes such as forgery and theft. Some allegations were made against Hunter, alleging she had improperly used her position as a court judge to provide Steven Hunter, a former corrections officer, with confidential documents. It was the allegations against Hunter that prompted the filing of charges against him.

He was convicted in 2014 of the charge of felons in possession with an illegal interest in a contract and he was doing time for the crime. Besides her six-month jail sentence, she was also ordered to pay $17,275 in court costs on top of the jail sentence.

Judge Tracie Hunter Net Worth

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Tracie Hunter, First African-American Juvenile court Judge

It is with great pride that Tracie Hunter can say that she is the first African-American to hold a position as a Judge of a Juvenile Court. Originally from Ohio, Hunter now resides in Cincinnati with his family. As a graduate of Miami University’s bachelor’s degree program in 1988, she is eligible to hold a doctorate in medicine. Her legal studies were completed at the University of Cincinnati College of Law in 1992, and she was admitted to the bar in 1993.

A former Ohio judge, she had previously served as a pastor at a public defender’s office and as a contract attorney before opening a law firm in Ohio.

During her time at the firm, Hunter worked on real estate, civil rights, and personal injury cases while working on some different things. In the past, she has worked for some large law firms, such as Bayless & Chelsey, before starting her firm. The Schneider and Waite firm.


During her career, Judge Tracie Hunter has had the opportunity to pursue a variety of different roles. As a result of its comprehensiveness, it includes a few ground-breaking legal innovations, support for juvenile justice, and some contentious matters that gained considerable public attention for good reasons.

She was affected by her legal issues as well as her career decisions in a significant way. Anyone with an interest in law, politics, or personal finance should find it fascinating to learn more about Judge Tracie Hunter’s net worth, especially given all the controversy surrounding her career, and the fact that she is dealing with the aftermath of it.

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