Jimmy Swaggart Net Worth 2024 [Career, Age, Height]

There is a net worth of $20 million for Jimmy Swaggart, a Pentecostal pastor, author, televangelist, and author of several books. As of 1975, Jimmy Swaggart’s television ministry began airing throughout the United States and the world, and it continues to do so to this day.

During the 1980s, when his telecast was broadcast on over 3,000 radio stations every week, he reached the height of his popularity. After a sex scandal involving a prostitute, Swaggart achieved infamy late in the decade by being defrocked by the Assemblies of God as a result of his involvement in the scandal.

The Jimmy Swaggart World Ministries, as well as its Bible college, generated approximately $150 million in revenue at the peak of Jimmy Swaggart’s power in 1987 – over $500,000. One hundred and fifty million of that $150 million came from individual contributions made by members of his TV ministry. The church, at the time, employed more than twenty of Swaggart’s direct family members in a variety of capacities on a part-time basis. A payroll of $11.5 million was paid to 1200 employees in the church on an annual basis.

There were sexual scandals involving prostitutes in the late 1980s and early 1990s that led to Swaggart’s revocation of the right to exercise the spiritual leadership functions within the Assemblies of God as well as his temporary resignation as the head of Jimmy Swaggart Ministries due to the sexual scandal. There is still a lot of work to be done on his recovery from the scandal today.

As a result, Jimmy Swaggart’s Jimmy Swaggart Telecast and Jimmy Swaggart’s Study in the Word programs can be heard throughout the US on 78 channels and in 104 countries. In addition to broadcasting over the Internet, his ministry is also available on television. The ministry of Swaggart has now been considered to be non-affiliated, non-denominational, and significantly smaller than it used to be pre-scandal.

Jimmy Swaggart Net Worth:

Currently, it is estimated that Jimmy Swaggart Net Worth will be close to $20 million by the year 2024. In addition to his extensive career in televangelism, book sales, and music royalties, several other factors contributed to his substantial wealth. There have been many controversies and scandals throughout Swaggart’s life, but despite that, his financial empire has remained intact despite the controversies and scandals.

Early Life

On March 15, 1935, Jimmy Swaggart was born to Minnie and Willie Swaggart in Ferriday, Louisiana. There was a fiddle player and a Pentecostal preacher in his father’s family. In addition to having a younger sister named Jeanette, Swaggart is a distant relative of famous singer-songwriters like Jerry Lee Lewis and Mickey Gilley. His father taught him to play music as he grew up and he sang Southern Gospel songs at his church while he was growing up.

Jimmy Swaggart Net Worth

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Career Beginnings

While living in poverty during the 1950s with his wife Frances, whom he married when they were both teenagers, Swaggart preached all over rural Louisiana and lived in poverty with his wife. In their very poor state, they lived in church basements, motels, and houses of pastors because they were too poor to own their own homes. A gospel music recording career was launched by Swaggart in 1960 when he began full-time evangelizing in 1955. In the following year, he was ordained as a minister by the Assemblies of God, and he started his radio ministry a year later.


The investment portfolio of Swaggart, which includes investments worth an estimated $5 million, has been diversified over the years. His net worth might be significantly increased by investing in stocks, bonds, and potentially small businesses, which will give him a significant boost to his income.

Crypto Investments

Following the recent trend among celebrities, Swaggart has also ventured into cryptocurrency investments to keep up with the recent trend. With a cryptocurrency portfolio valued at about $500 thousand, it shows that he is willing to explore this relatively new and volatile market.

NFT Investments

In addition to his diverse investment strategy, Swaggart has also entered the market for NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) as part of his diversification. Although it is still a niche in comparison to other investment sectors, his NFT investments are estimated to be worth around $300 thousand.

Real Estate

The real estate investments that Swaggart has made have made a significant contribution to his wealth, with an estimated worth of around $7 million. It also includes the value of Jimmy Swaggart’s residential property as well as the vast premises that are used by his ministry Jimmy Swaggart Ministries.

Age, Height, Weight and Body Dimensions

It is estimated that Jimmy Swaggart will turn 86 years old on August 3rd, 2021. He is 5 feet 5 inches (170 cm) tall, but even though he is five feet and five inches tall, he weighs 166.2 pounds (76 kilograms).


Some financial challenges faced his family during Jimmy Swaggart’s birth, in addition to an unfavourable economic situation around the world at the time. He gained significant knowledge about the Bible from attending a church where, although he had no formal schooling or college education, Jimmy was engaged in learning. It has proven to be highly beneficial for him to commit to Bible study regularly.

Dating, girlfriends, Wife, and Kids

During his Bible study at the church, Jimmy Swaggart encountered a young woman named Frances Anderson. She was 15 years old and he was 17 years old, at the time. In 1952, their son, Donnie Swaggart, was born in the very church where they worshipped, and they were married in the same church as well.

Despite the financial hardships that Jimmy faced, he exerted considerable efforts to support his small family by naming his son in honour of his late brother who died during childhood.

In Jimmy’s case, he worked at a church, performing Southern Gospel music there for a salary of $30 per week. Since he was unable to purchase a home due to financial constraints, he and his family resided in the basement of the church for a while.

Although he was offered a lucrative opportunity by Sam Phillips, the producer of Sun Records, to become one of the channel’s inaugural Gospel singers, Jimmy decided not to accept.

As a result of his involvement in various prostitution scandals, Jimmy Swaggart was forced to resign from the Assembly of God as an elder. Despite admitting to his initial offence, he remained defiant afterwards, despite admitting to subsequent offences. As a result, Donnie Swaggart, the son of Jimmy Swaggart, has announced he will temporarily step aside from his father’s role as president of Jimmy Swaggart Ministries in the short term.

Collection of Jimmy Swaggart House & Cars

In 2012, Swaggart’s residence was situated in one of the most affluent neighbourhoods in Baton Rouge. Among the sprawling grounds of the estate are three residences, a gazebo, a pond, and twenty acres of landscaped grounds. This 9,337-square-foot property also features an eight-foot-long bathtub with a gold swan spouting water into it from four columns of a four-columned Jacuzzi.

A Professional Life

During his early years, Jimmy Swaggart began playing Southern Gospel music in churches, which was the beginning of his musical career. Continuing to spread his message to the widest extent possible, he then began broadcasting half-hour sermons on the radio until 1970, working diligently to make sure that his message reached the world.

It was in the year 1971 when he launched his TV ministry, broadcasting in 104 countries across 78 different channels from the United States, marking an important milestone in his career. He is currently responsible for the SonLife Broadcasting Network and the Family Worship Center, which are part of SonLife.

Despite this, the Assembly of God expelled him from their organization after he became implicated in a prostitution scandal that caused his reputation to suffer a serious blow. Consequently, he was temporarily removed from Swaggart’s TV ministry, as a result of this.

Jimmy Swaggart Net Worth

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Jimmy Swaggart has not received any awards to date, but he has been recognized all over the world as a result of his show, which has been broadcast on several cable and digital television channels in over 104 countries across the globe.

Aside from that, he previously aired his show on a variety of radio stations throughout the country. His unique path in life has enabled him to accomplish an impressive number of achievements along the way, and this has marked his unique way of life.

Some Interesting Facts about Jimmy Swaggart

When Jimmy Swaggart became entangled in a prostitution controversy, he was forced to resign from the Assembly of God where he once belonged as a member. As a result of his continued involvement in such controversies, his son dismissed him from Swaggart’s television ministry due to his continued involvement in such matter.

It would be fair to say that Jimmy Swaggart is a self-made individual who has diversified his life in his way. He has been one of the most renowned preachers in the world, despite facing numerous controversies that tarnished his reputation throughout his career, with his show being broadcast in over 104 countries around the world.

There is no doubt that his fame would have been even more significant without the controversies, but doubts soon arose about his claims, leading to his being dismissed.

It should be noted, however, that Jimmy Swaggart remains a prosperous figure, enjoying the company of his extensive family in his retirement.

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