Haley Kalil Net Worth 2024 [Bio, Career, Parents]

Haley Kalil is a name that has been making waves in the modelling industry for a long time now. In the course of her career and her net worth over the years, the former Miss Minnesota and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model has steadily built her career and her net worth. It is interesting to speculate on what her net worth might be at the end of 2024, as we look forward to the next decade. I will be taking a look at Haley Kalil’s career, her earnings, and her potential net worth in the year 2024 in this article.

Haley Kalil Wiki/Biography

On the 6th of August 1992, Haley Kalil was born. As of 2024, Haley Kalil will be 30 years old. She is the daughter of a well-to-do family from Excelsior, Minnesota, United States, where she was born. As an American citizen by birth, she holds a belief in Christianity and holds an American nationality by birth. From a family of engineers, she comes from a very technical background.

It was at Minnesota High School that she completed her early academics, and later, she went on to advance her education at St. Cloud State University, where she graduated from her bachelor’s degree program in science with majors in medical biology and psychology.

Her college studies also included a minor in Chemistry, which she completed while she was in college. Her grades in school and college were very good and she did very well in both. To become a model, it is not known if she underwent any formal training, but it is known she had dreamed of being a model since the age of four.

Family, Husband & Relationships

The father of Haley Kalil is a Mr. Kalil and the mother of Haley Kalil is a Mrs. Kalil. In their respective professions, they were both engineers.

There are two more siblings that she has as well. I have a younger brother and an elder sister. No information about their professional and personal lives is known to the public.

The marital status of Haley Kalil is that she is married. Her marriage to a football player named Matt Kalil took place in the year 2015. Their wedding took place in Hawaii. During their first wedding anniversary, they celebrated with their families and renewed their vows with each other.

haley kalil net worth

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Parents, Siblings & Family:

Haley Kalil was born into a well-established Christian family from the very first day of her life, her parents’ names are unavailable at the moment of writing as she has never disclosed the names of her parents publicly. Although her father is involved in a reputed business in the United States, her mother is a homemaker who stays at home to provide for her family.

Among Haley’s siblings, one younger brother named Noah O’Brien and one older sister named Erin O’Brien, both of whom keep their identities under wraps to avoid being identified by the media.

Haley Kalil Net Worth:

It is estimated that Haley Kalil’s net worth will reach $5 million by 2024. Throughout her modeling career, she has worked with numerous fashion brands and magazines to build her net worth and she has also generated some money through social media promotional activities as well.

As an artist and model, she makes a great deal of money from her modelling career and social media content releases, and when you combine these sources with other sources of income, she can make anywhere from $150,000 to $400,000 each year.

Physical Appearance:

There is nothing more beautiful and hot than Haley Kalil. She has an attractive and charming personality as well as a beautiful and hot appearance. There is no doubt that she possesses a beautiful sleek and hot figure as well as attractive body measurements and a beautifully shaped slim body type. There are approximately 34 inches in height, 26 inches in width, and 34 inches in depth on her body.

Haley Kalil Income Sources:

As a renowned model and social media sensation, Haley Kalil has been making headlines for quite some time. With her career in the fashion industry, she has been able to carve out an enviable position for herself. The portfolio of her work includes collaborations with industry giants such as Sports Illustrated, Victoria’s Secret, and Maxim, among others.

In addition to sponsored social media posts and brand collaborations, she also draws revenue from modelling contracts.

As part of her income generation strategy, social media plays a significant role. It is no surprise that she often shares sponsored content for various brands as she has a substantial following on platforms like Instagram. Influencers can make quite a bit of money by participating in these types of partnerships.

Aside from modelling contracts, Haley Kalil also rakes in income from her career as a model. Her resume includes some high-profile campaigns and fashion runways, all of which can be lucrative in and of themselves. Overall, Haley Kalil’s earnings come from a blend of social media endorsements, modelling agreements, and brand partnerships that make up her income.

Haley Kalil Achievements And Awards:

  • As a model, Haley Kalil has received numerous accolades throughout her career.

  • A few months ago, she received the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Rookie of the Year award for 2019.

  • In addition, she was chosen as the winner of Maxim’s Hometown Hottie contest.

  • She had her crowning glory in 2018 when she was crowned Miss Minnesota USA, which led to her competing in the Miss USA pageant in the same year that she was crowned Miss Minnesota USA. She has also been featured in a wide variety of renowned magazines such as Maxim, GQ, and Sports Illustrated due to her striking presence.

  • In addition to being an ambassador for high-profile brands like Victoria’s Secret, Guess, and L’Oréal Paris, she has also developed her brand.

  • There is no doubt that she is popular and influential on social media as her Instagram and Twitter profiles demonstrate that.

Haley Kalil Personal Life:

As far as Haley’s personal life is concerned, she has had to deal with a lot of ups and downs throughout her life. Her marriage to Matt Kalil, a football player, took place in 2015. In the year following their wedding, they celebrated by renewing their vows on their first anniversary, which took place in Hawaii. However, due to the unpredictability of life, the couple decided to get divorced in 2022 due to unexpected circumstances.

It is well known that Haley has previously been married to Matt Kalil, but there is not much information available about her previous relationships before she tied the knot with him.

haley kalil net worth

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Haley Kalil Journey to Stardom:

Although it is unclear whether Haley received formal modelling training at any point in her life, her dream of becoming a model has been with her since she was a little girl. As a teenager, she first competed in the Miss Teen Minnesota USA pageant in 2009 and her love of competing continued from there.

She did not give up although she did not win the competition that year. As a result of her return in 2010, she was able to clinch the title once again. The win paved the way for her to represent Minnesota at the Miss Teen USA contest held in the Bahamas as a representative of Minnesota.

As determined as she was, Haley didn’t stop there. During the 2013 Miss Minnesota USA pageant, she won the crown and was crowned Miss Minnesota USA 2013. As a result of her achievements, she was offered the opportunity to represent her state at the Miss USA 2014 pageant where she would showcase her talent and beauty on a national level.


Having started her career as a biomedical science student over ten years ago, Haley Kalil has come a very long way since then. In today’s world, she is one of the top models in the industry with a growing net worth.

There may be no way to predict her net worth with certainty, but it is reasonable to assume that, based on her current trajectory and the potential earnings she will be able to earn from her modelling contracts, endorsement deals, acting roles, and social media presence, it is possible to estimate that her net worth will reach $2 million by 2024.

Irrespective of the exact figure, one thing is clear: Haley Kalil is a rising star in the modelling world, and there is no doubt that her star will only continue to shine brighter in the years to come.

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