Eric Persson Net Worth 2024 Bio, Age, Height, Early Life

Eric Hans Persson, also known as Eric Persson, has established himself as a prominent figure in the high-stakes world of poker, showcasing exceptional skill and prowess in the game. Beyond his success in poker, Persson is also involved in the realm of casino and gambling as the owner and operator of Maverick Gaming, a renowned casino and gambling company.

In addition to his ventures in the gambling industry, Persson has made significant strides in the restaurant business, demonstrating his versatility and entrepreneurial acumen. With ownership and operation of over 100 restaurants across various brands, he has solidified his presence in the culinary world as a multi-brand restaurant owner.

Persson’s diverse portfolio of businesses reflects his ambition, strategic vision, and ability to thrive in competitive industries. As both a skilled poker player and a savvy entrepreneur, he continues to make waves and leave a lasting impact on the gaming and hospitality sectors.

Eric Persson Net Worth:

Currently, the net worth of Eric Persson poker is estimated at $40 million in 2024. As the CEO and founder of Maverick Gaming, he owns and operates the company. Over a billion dollars is the value of this company.

Eric Persson Early Life:

Eric Hans Persson, the artist, was born on the 6th of April 1975. Having grown up close to the Shoalwater settlement in Hoquiam, Washington, he has a comforting connection to this place.

In addition to Erik, Hilman Persson also had a child Fridolph Hilman Persson, who was Hilman’s male child. There is no information, other than Eric’s mother, siblings, and other relatives, available to us about his mother or siblings.

It is believed that his grandfather, Hilman J.Persson, emigrated from Swedish Ashkenazi Jewry to the United States in the late 1800s as a Swedish immigrant. He was the grandson of Eliza J. Armstrong, who was married to his grandfather. As a prominent pioneer of the Westport community, she has a lot to her credit.

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Although he was born to European pioneer family members, he grew up in an Ashkenazi Jewish setting and doesn’t have any Native American ties, he has links to European pioneer families.

Eric Persson Net Worth

Eric Persson Education

During the three years that Eric attended school, he also studied communications between 1992 and 1998 at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. He completed his bachelor’s degree in Sociology, Criminal Justice, and Psychology after attending school.

I had the chance to work with Eric for two years during his time with the Shoalwater Bay Tribe. As a result, he became a member of the Georgetown University Law Center from 1998 to 2001, where he earned his Juris Doctorate.

Eric Persson Personal Life

During the year 2007, he married Ann, and Ann was his wife at the time. There has been a long-term relationship between them ever since. Among the children of the couple are Anjelique, their oldest child, and Maverick, who is their second youngest child.

In addition to naming his son, he also named the company he founded for gaming. In the United States, Las Vegas, Nevada, is the hometown of the entire family.

Eric Person Career

Persson started in the gaming industry as a programmer at one of the first companies that manufactured slot machines in the 1990s. In 1996, he co-founded NetEnt with industry veterans who had already gained experience in the field.

Within a very short time, the company became known as a leader in online gaming solutions and developed a reputation for innovation.

With Persson at the helm of NetEnt, the company continued to grow and expand. A stock listing of the company on the Stockholm Stock Exchange that took place in 2009 was the company’s first-ever listing.

The NetEnt company entered the United States market in 2015. In 2019, NetEnt was acquired by Evolution Gaming, a company renowned for its live casino solutions and is a leader in the online casino industry.

Eric Persson Net Worth

Eric Persson Poker Career

During Eric’s undergraduate studies at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas, he began playing poker professionally for a living when he was 18 years old. The fact that he continued playing cards after he graduated from Georgetown University Law Center makes me wonder what he was thinking.

Having enjoyed big-money games for over 30 years, the player has played over 30,000 hours of poker. He started his career at Coast Casinos after graduation with Michael Gaughan. Prairie Band Casino & Resort appointed him director of Table Games in 2001.

His role at Wheeling Island Casino was Senior Vice President and Assistant General Manager from 2003 to 2005. In 2005 and 2006, he was Tioga Downs’ President.

During his tenure at Las Vegas Sands Corp. as Corporate Senior Vice President for Slot Marketing and Operations, he took off. The General Manager joined Aruze Gaming early in 2017.

Several months later, he became CEO and President. Maverick Gaming is another business he started.

Patrik Antonius and Eric battled on PokerGo in February 2023 for a $1.9 Million historic pot.

Eric Persson & Maverick Gaming Net Worth

Maverick Gaming’s investment in Eric Persson has garnered recent attention in the gaming sector. Casinos and cardrooms are owned and operated by this rapidly growing company. A $ 80 million investment in Maverick Gaming led Persson to join the company’s board.

A series of acquisitions have led to rapid growth for Maverick Gaming. This expansion was largely driven by Persson. In Washington and Nevada, Maverick Gaming has acquired several casinos and card rooms.

These efforts were led by Persson. Identifying growth opportunities and expanding his gaming knowledge. Founded under Persson in 2001, Maverick Gaming operates 24 casinos and card rooms in six states.

Persson invested a significant amount in Maverick Gaming despite not disclosing his net worth. In addition to the acquisition of Maverick Gaming, Persson has made some contributions. Persson will play a key role in their continued growth.

Along with Maverick Gaming’s success in the gaming sector, Persson’s net wealth is likely to rise.

Selling of His Holdings

The fact that Eric Persson has not reportedly sold his shares in NetEnt or Maverick Gaming is something that should be taken into consideration, especially since successful entrepreneurs are often advised to diversify their portfolios to manage risk and optimize performance.

There is a possibility that he may decide to sell a portion of his shares in these two companies in the future as a result of having the majority of his wealth concentrated in both companies.

Maverick Gaming, an organization founded by Eric Persson, has aggressively expanded its portfolio through the acquisition of small to medium-sized casinos, as of November 2023, it owns and operates 31 gaming properties throughout Nevada, Colorado, and Washington.

Eric Persson Wife & Kids

As of 2007, Eric Persson and Ann Chung were married, and they have been together for over 16 years now. From his previous marriage, he reportedly has two daughters and two sons, and the couple reportedly has two boys from their marriage, Maverick and Ace.

He has a daughter named Anjelique Persson, born on December 18, 2001, who is the name of one of his daughters. At the time of this writing, she is 22 years old. The girl attended Bishop Gorman High School and she currently lives in Nevada with her family.

It is worth noting that Anjelinna Faythe is the name of his second daughter. There is no doubt that she is an artist and an outstanding painter. She has a YouTube channel, a website, and some social media accounts that you can follow.

Anjellina is a self-taught artist who has been creating art since she was just a child. When she was a K-12 student in Nevada, she had the opportunity to take some classes. When she graduated from high school, she moved to Miami and turned her attention to her passion instead of attending university.

The agent of a company named VeritasFayThe Inc. is Ann Chung. As of October 9, 2009, it was incorporated as a company.

The name of his gaming company was derived from the name of his son. In the present day, the family lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, in the United States of America. There were six bedrooms and five bathrooms in the 7,488-square-foot house that the couple purchased. $1.6 million was paid for a 2,212 sq. ft. home in Las Vegas in 2014.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is Eric Persson?

Eric Persson is an entrepreneur and businessperson known for his involvement in various industries. He is often recognized for his contributions to the business world.

What are some of Eric Persson’s notable achievements?

Eric Persson has achieved success in various business ventures and industries. Specific achievements may vary over time, but he is generally celebrated for his contributions to business and entrepreneurship.

What is Eric Persson’s background and education?

Eric Persson’s educational and professional background may vary. He may have received degrees or certifications in fields related to his business endeavors.

Is there publicly available information about Eric Persson’s net worth?

Information regarding Eric Persson’s net worth may be publicly available through financial news sources or online databases. Net worth figures can change over time.

What industries or businesses is Eric Persson associated with?

Eric Persson’s business affiliations can vary, and he may have been involved in a range of industries and enterprises. His specific associations can be determined through available public records and sources.

Is Eric Persson involved in philanthropic activities?

Individuals like Eric Persson may engage in philanthropy or charitable work. Information about his philanthropic activities, if available, can be found in public records and news sources.

How can I contact Eric Persson or learn more about his work?

To contact or learn more about Eric Persson and his business endeavors, you can explore official websites, public profiles, or reach out through relevant channels associated with his work.

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