Dave Sumrall Net Worth 2024 [House, Itown, Wife, Career]

We are going to talk about the net worth and biography of Dave Sumrall in this article. It is Dave Sumrall’s responsibility to oversee the local church that he serves as pastor.

Dave Sumrall is a devoted pastor, leader, and investor who assists individuals on their spiritual journey as they go through life. With the help of his wife Kate Sumrall, he founded the ITOWN Church in Fishers, Indiana, which was established as a place of worship and community where people could connect spiritually and worship together.

Dave Sumrall Biography:

As a pastor, leader, and investor who guides individuals along a path to spiritual development, Dave Sumrall has a passion for teaching others.

With the help of his wife, Kate Sumrall, he assists those who wish to embark on a spiritual journey with Jesus Christ and assists them in doing so.

Investing in their local church is one of the many ways the couple promotes spirituality in their community. Their combined efforts have resulted in the founding of the ITOWN Church as a place for worship within the community in Fishers, Indiana.

Dave Sumrall Early Life:

As far as Dave Summerall’s early life is concerned, not much is known about him. It is unknown exactly when Dave Sumrall was born, but it is believed that he was born around the age of 40. There is no information about the parents of Dave Sumrall.

Dave Sumrall Net Worth

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Dave Sumrall Education:

It is Kate who has a bachelor’s degree in elementary education, and Dave who possesses a bachelor’s degree in business from Oral Roberts University. Dave is with Kate who has also earned her honours degree in elementary education from the University of Southern Mississippi.

Kate is presently studying for a Master of Arts degree in Biblical Studies at Liberty University, where she is currently enrolled.

Having served in ministry for two years in South Bend, IN, Dave Sumrall, and Kate Sumrall moved to Birmingham, AL to pursue a deeper study of church founding, after serving in ministry for two years in South Bend, IN.

At Church of the Highlands in Webster, a local church plant that is extremely effective, they attended classes every week.

Dave Sumrall Wife and Family:

There is no doubt that Pastor Dave and Kate Sumrall are deeply committed to supporting local churches and assisting people to deepen their relationship with God.

It was while Dave was serving on a mission in the Philippines that they met for the first time. They got married in April 2004 and have been together ever since. The age range of their six children ranges from one to sixteen years old.

In addition to Haley Beth, Hanna, Henlee, Tait, George, and Thunder, they also have five other children. ITOWN Church in Fishers was started by them on August 15, 2010.

Currently, they continue to serve as co-pastors of ITOWN and are passionate about assisting individuals in experiencing God’s power and presence, committing their lives to Jesus Christ, and putting their faith in him.

Kate and Dave can usually be seen hiking, jogging, or playing basketball together during the time that they aren’t at church.

Dave Sumrall Career:

It was in 2010 that Pastor Chris Hodges and the ARC started ITOWN Church in the city they both loved and admired. In addition to the three locations where the church is located, over 4,000 people attend every week to worship at this church.

During the time that Dave and Kate Sumrall served as pastors and leaders at ITOWN, many people were able to receive spiritual guidance from them.

While they spent a great deal of time in the church, they also enjoyed spending time with their family by going camping, travelling, and playing together as a family.

Dave Sumrall Net Worth

In addition to his years of hard work, Dave Sumrall Net Worth is approximately $3 million as a worth.

There is no doubt that he is a man of great charitable nature, contributing to the construction of churches in his community regularly. Throughout Dave’s endeavours, Kate Sumrall has proven to be a supportive partner and friend to him.

Even though Dave Sumrall has the potential to rapidly increase his wealth, he chooses to devote a significant portion of his income towards the building of churches for the less fortunate and helping those in need.

During the past five years, Dave Sumrall’s net worth has grown by more than 5%, which is a substantial amount of money. In the next five years, it is predicted that Dave Sumrall Net Worth will surpass the $5 million mark.

Dave Sumrall House:

Even though I was not able to find any specific details about his residence in the search results, I do know that he owns homes in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Miami, all of which are located in the United States.

Dave Sumrall ITOWN CHURCH:

In Fishers, Indiana, Dave and Kate Sumrall serve as the founders and lead pastors of ITOWN Church, which was founded in 1999.

Since the church’s launch in 2010, it has experienced tremendous growth, with thousands of people gathering at three locations all over Indiana every Sunday.

As part of their commitment to the local church, the Sumralls strive to help individuals discover Jesus and thrive in it.

Our mission at ITOWN Church is to reach out to the lost and help them move forward towards God’s plan for their lives to get closer to Him.

Our weekend services take place in a welcoming and comfortable environment, utilizing a variety of preaching, worship, and creative methods to present the gospel in an effective and relevant manner, utilizing the message of Jesus concisely and clearly.

A brief history of ITOWN can be seen as a testimony to God’s miraculous work, with over 5,000 people attending weekend worship services and more than 40,000 individuals deciding to follow Jesus as their Savior.

Dave Sumrall Age:

Can you tell me what Dave Sumrall’s age is? Dave Sumrall is a 58-year-old man. April 7, 1964, was the date of his birth in Chicago, Illinois, where he was raised.

As a graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a degree in Business Administration, he graduated in 1985. The following year, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of becoming an entrepreneur.


As the lead pastor of ITOWN Church, Dave Sumrall is one of the most esteemed people on the planet and one of the main contributors to his wealth. The church abides by a fiscal policy that requires them to not allocate more than 35% of their income towards salaries, which is worthy of note.

Professional Background

The professional journey of Dave paints a picture of dedication and passion throughout his life. Even though he is primarily recognized as the pastor and investor at ITOWN Church, he and Kate have played a tremendous role in the establishment and growth of the church in Fishers, Indiana. The church’s modus operandi regarding financial discipline is best exemplified by its salary cap limits, which don’t exceed 35% of the church’s total income as a whole.


Even though many may know of Dave’s current contributions, not everyone may be aware of his past endeavours as a missionary in the Philippines, where he played many different roles, such as directing a TV ministry and organizing tent crusades in addition to leading a TV ministry.

Dave Sumrall Net Worth

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Besides his professional achievements, Dave Sumrall is also known for his generous nature which makes him stand out among his peers. Together with Kate, they have been avid supporters of numerous causes throughout their lives. As philanthropists, their efforts are directed at nurturing leaders, fortifying the local church, and providing spiritual guidance to individuals through their efforts.


As a pioneering businessman who has transformed himself into a committed philanthropist, Dave Sumrall exemplifies the power of enthusiasm, determination, and a strong desire to make a positive impact on the world around him. A lasting impression has been left on the world by the business ventures he has engaged in as well as his charitable endeavors.

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