CropSticks Net Worth 2024 [Update Before & After Shark Tank]

I started CropSticks on March 14, 2016, as an eco-friendly bamboo chopsticks company with a built-in holder for my family and friends. As of August 2023, CropStick has a net worth of $1.5 million as of the end of the month. Furthermore, they are earning a staggering $1.2 million a year in revenue, which is a huge amount.

There was an appearance on Shark Tank USA in 2017, where they were seeking $75,000 for 12.5% equity, which valued the company at $600,000. Chopsticks did not attract the attention of any sharks who were looking to invest. The margins were too low and the product was too niche for them to be interested in.

It is estimated that Cropsticks will continue to operate until September 2023. As a leader in the sustainable chopstick market, the company is committed to sustainability and the principle of environmental responsibility. As of April 2018, the company was granted a patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. They were recognized as a certified B Corp company in July of this year. We can purchase them from the official website of their company, as well as through online channels such as Amazon.

CropSticks Net Worth:

As of now, CropSticks Net Worthy has a value of 4.5 million dollars. There was only 600 thousand dollars in it before it appeared on Shark Tank.

When Yamamoto asked all those sharks for $75 thousand for 12.5% of the company, they shot him down and told him to withdraw.

Even though she didn’t win her pitch, it gave the company tremendous exposure and landed her millions of dollars in the process.

CropSticks Founder:

It was founded in 2016 by Mylen Fe Yamamoto, who is the founder of CropSticks. A fourth-generation Japanese-Filipino American, Mylen Yamamoto was born and raised in Hawaii and is the son of an immigrant Japanese family. As of 2023, Mylen Fe Yamamoto, the founder of CropSticks, has a net worth of $1 Million, according to industry reports.

CropSticks Net Worth

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Appearing on Shark Tank

Yamamoto spoke to the judges about the history of chopsticks and her idea for what to do with them. She began telling them about how she raised $21.8 thousand from a Kickstarter campaign and how she has $190 thousand in purchase orders from both an Asian food distributor and Hyatt, which made her eyes sparkle.

By using these calculations, she predicted that she would make $125 thousand in profits with a margin of 65% for her business.

The sharks, however, opted out of participating. The business was not for Lori, despite the fact that she liked Mylen very much. The opposite was true for Kevin, who thought that restaurants would not be willing to pay a premium for such a product. It didn’t take long for Mark and Robert to follow Kevin’s lead.

According to Daymond, Cropsticks is at a stage that he considers too early to invest in, as the business plays a role in B2B selling and is in an early stage of its growth.

After Shark Tank

There is no doubt that Yamamoto must have found it disappointing when his pitch was shot down by all Sharks -especially since all the other three pitches won as well! It didn’t kill her spirit, however, no matter what happened to her.

As a result of Yamamoto persevering in her fight for environmentally-friendly innovation, she now has an organization that manufactures a wide range of things besides bamboo.

There are several products made by Cropmade, including Cropsticks, bamboo straws, classical chopsticks, and a planter bundle that is sustainable.

In the course of the business, Yamamoto is earning plenty of money each year, which makes his net worth nearly $4.5 million today.

CropSticks Net Worth

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Cropsticks as a Certified B Corporation

Chopsticks has taken the next step in being certified as a registered B corporation as of this year. A company that has gone through intensive vetting processes indicates that it is committed to being socially and environmentally responsible and that it is committed to being as sustainable as possible.

The companies Patagonia and Ben and Jerry’s, as well as more than six thousand other corporations in a range of industries and 80 countries, are also members of the B Corp program.

A very impressive score of 98.9 was achieved by Cropstick, which is way above the minimum requirement for a Certified B Corporation to qualify.

Who is Cropsticks For?

If you don’t mind eating Asian food and can’t get enough of it, then you should have honed your chopstick skills as well if you love eating Asian cuisine. In the past few decades, the classic chopstick hasn’t seen many design changes or upgrades, but you’re sure to love the change that Cropsticks is offering this year.

When you pick up your chopsticks from the table, you don’t want to keep picking them up from the ground where a lot of different germs might be present. It is here that the built-in rest feature of the Cropsticks will come in handy as a result of this situation.

As well as being easy to use, it also enables people to take a rest in between meals as they won’t have to worry about placing their chopsticks on the table, which will enable them to take a rest in between meals.

People who love traditional Asian cuisine and prefer to eat with chopsticks will love the idea of disassembling their food with Chopsticks if they love eating traditional Asian cuisine and like to use chopsticks. Additionally, the fact that it is also environmentally friendly adds to its charm as the brand is focused on giving the current generation a greener future by leaving a sustainable legacy for future generations to follow.

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